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Hasegawa Corsair re-do done


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This didn't take long! I stopped before I risked overdoing it and while I was liking the results. It's easy to over-do weathering. I depicted it before it had been out in the elements too long. I added the rocket rails from my stash of left-overs. Photos taken at later stages show it in pretty sad condition but to depict that I would need to fold the wings and drop the flaps which would be too much of a chore. 😎 Happily this bird has been restored and is a museum in, I think, Florida. At any rate, this was just a little "project" I wanted to do. I hope y'all like it! :)

Remember, click on the 1st photo, etc......


11-22-22 001.jpg

11-22-22 002.jpg

11-22-22 003.jpg

11-22-22 004.jpg

11-22-22 005.jpg





Olathe 2.jpg

Olathe 9.jpg

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6 minutes ago, Peterpools said:


Nice going and has to be a record even for you



Thanks Peter. Since the model was already built etc, it was easy peasy just to do some "re-decorating" and a little modifying. Certainly not like building a kit from scratch. :)

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