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Mach Loop F-15D and F-35A pictures


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Captured this image of an F-15 at the Mach Loop and thought I would share.  I did a "Photographers Day" at Duxford with Darren several years ago and it was a blast.  Just being out on the flight line (standing in the grass!) and getting bounced by a couple of Spitfires was worth it.

And is it my eyes or is the camo actually three colors?  Two shades of gray (see the right elevator), and the blue/gray?  The blue/gray also looks to be splotchy in spots.



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And here is the flip side of a different F-15, but very cool to see all the hard points and the weathering closer to the engines.  I've not seen that before.  If you are building certain aircraft, this guy is a bonanza of reference photos!  On YouTube.


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Holy Smokes ... One lucky guy and the scenery' is spectacular. I'm i agreement that the left elevator seems to be a bit darker in tone but since it doesn't have the cammo, it appears to have been a replacement from another Eagle.  I'm a F-35 guy and just love the Lightning.

Thanks for posting


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