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What is "moss Green" ?

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I have a few WW I models...all seem to require Moss Green. WTH is Moss Green?


I have mostly Tamiya Acrylic paint....It's just what I have. It seems every CSM model, Takom model, that I have requires this elusive green. What Tamiya equivalent exists that matches this color? Can I make up a Tamiya mix for this? What can I use? Please, share

your experiences and expertise. Seriously, it's frustrating, I have been discarding projects based

on the requirement of this elusive color.



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Just take some green paint you like and add some yellow.  It'll be ok.  Just make sure that it is more green than yellow to your eye.

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Moss Green - Gaz and Martin - thank you for the explanation. Honestly, I never heard of the color before, as I'm not an armor builder but who knows what will pop up in the future..


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