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RESKIT F-111A Crew Escape Module 1/32nd


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As I'm no professional reviewer, please accept this feeble attempt!


The kit finally arrived in the mail, after spending some time in the Kiev post office, I'm sure there were reasons...

This kit is of the Crew Escape Module and is multi-media in IM plastic, Resin moulded, 3D printed, 3D decals, Photo Etch and regular decals as well as a small piece of film for the bomb-sight.

The research department had help from Mr. Vark himself, Jim Rotramel, so I'm quite sure the mistakes are minimal. 

The box came from Ukraine and had a little wear on one corner, but no damage to contents.

The contents themselves were very well laid out and protected in typical Reskit style, with cardboard boxes with foam inserts (foam that can later be utilized in the weathering process...)

Boxtop. Box measures ~30 x 23 x 6 inches and is of sturdy top opening design. With a Made in Ukraine and a nice little jab to the Orcs as well... I chuckled when I saw it!


The Contents as you open the box


Everything is bagged in small envelope style resealable bags, and the smaller parts are in the 2 cardboard boxes. Both with 2 layers of foam and 2 layers of parts... Well designed and thought out packaging for sure!

Onto the kit:

The after part of the cabin, with chines. As is evident the detail is crisp and excellent, and the openings are for cover that pop off in the ejection process, and the actual covers that go over the openings, they are included as PE parts.



The underside of the same part, with positive rivets as appropriate on hidden surfaces not in the airstream. This is a 3D printed part but cast in resin. There are very very faint print lines, but I'm positive they'll disappear under a coat or 2 of paint. I love how they included the coax-cable and cannon plug for the upper UHF antenna!


Cockpit section. Same thing, 3D printed but later cast in resin. I'm sure that speeds up the process, but they can print new as required. 


aft view of the cockpit section. Slightly blurry because I have a garbage phone and I'm not a photographer! But the quality is absolutely fantastic. there is also internal sidewall detail and the areas where cuts need to be made are super fine.


Sidewall detail on Pilots side. Good detail on the other side as well.


Aft bulkhead, cockpit aft bulkhead, Cockpit tub, detail from beneath the capsule, glare shield and so on. again, superb detailing. Doublers look fantastic, and will be amazing with a little paint on. Some of you superdetailers will be able to do fantastic stuff with this kit! they even printed the anti-flash curtains.


Canopy transparencies are in injection moulded plastic and look crisp and clean with little to no distortion, and the 2 clamshell canopy pieces are evident as well. 


Seats are 3D printed and absolutely gorgeous. the harness detail is fine and look like proper 5 point harness, draped naturally. There are subtle differences in the seats too.




Decals, Masks, 3D decals, film and PE. On the PE sheet there are options for open and closed canopy. They also included the little metal flaps that fold up to the canopy frame for anti-flash on the PE... Absolutely fantastic detail.


3D printed instrument decals are also superb, and will prevent me making a hash of the detail painting!




Stand included!


Instructions are also available in pdf from www.reskit.com.ua.The instructions very well detailed indeed, and allow for options of Canopy open or closed (they call it "Lantern", must be a translation issue,) and also for ejected or just removed, to allow for some panels installed or not. 

In my own personal opinion, this is one of the coolest kits to come out yet, only 2nd to the hPh B-52 cockpit in 32nd because of the sheer scope of material. This F-111 cockpit will certainly be easier to display! This kit does allow for us that love cockpits, but without the space I suppose, the ability to have at least parts of an F-111 in 32nd. It would make an awesome diorama as well, for those of you handy with those!

Thanks to Reskit for accepting my money and sending this amazing kit!



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Not knowing F-A11 about the F-111 *...... is the escape pod something they planned to do in the prototypes stages but dropped later because of cost ? Or did it make it to the main production.

UK was supposed to buy these but went F4 instead after all the delays and the USN cancelling their......s imagine if we'd held on a bit longer and bought the new F-14 s....joyous even if we didn't have a carrier big enough .  

Talking of endless delays.....it's almost like the F-35 Wunderwaffe .....if history repeats we will all be getting sold Lockheed day fighters dressed up as multirole aircraft instead by 2025 . 






*see what I did there ? 

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