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  1. How much do the walls need sanding for the fitting of the interior? I have the same kit and I'm now quaking in my boots... Hopefully the Titanic will take long... lmao!
  2. Nice! It's awesome to see so many Walter builds!
  3. Here in Canada they have made it so that in certain locales depending on the restrictions, a business can ask to see your card, that they can scan, only information they get is your name and a green background that tells you're vaccinated twice. nothing else shows. This does not disclose any HIPAA info so isn't a problem. Also a workplace can make it a requirement, the government is looking into just that for ANY government employee working for federal. I had to get a vaccination card to go to southern Africa as close as 2014, so I'm not opposed to the little added extra. Also they made certain events contingent upon the spectators having both vaccines. I get that some people are opposed, but this is literally how Polio and Smallpox were literally eradicated.
  4. Well, certain countries requires vaccine certification anyway, so this is just an added piece of paper to carry when traveling for those of you never having traveled to exotic countries... Nothing new or fancy about it.
  5. Well it's large anyway... Decided to make windows for it, so now I'm officially a producer of aftermarket items... Without windows With Windows What I decided to sell: Won't get rich, but it may finance the OTHER aftermarket items I got for the big lady...
  6. If you are doing a British Wessex, you'll need the engines and the intake parts, and cabin for whichever configuration, there are 2 different styles of windows! HC.2 is a troop transport and has smaller square windows, and the HU.5 is a Search And Rescue machine and has bigger windows. The cabin bulkheads seem necessary too. They fix the too low transmission deck. I went to town, and got all that was available, but won't be able to make a masterpiece other than in my mind, but I'll do my best!
  7. Yes, I should specify that Adriatic Model (www.adriaticmodel.com) has sets for converting to the H-34 as well including the nose and radial engine. I'm building the Wessex HU.5 because of the color scheme I like.
  8. Here is the heating duct, and also some line connectors that were added for free! @DocRob thanks for the tip! I was thinking of mosquito screen myself, but I will look! For comparison and as a handy pointer, I also included the Hendie parts from Shapeways, there are some tail rotor parts available that are really necessary. Also the Scale Warships rotor head. The best part about it is the clear top, as there is an oil reservoir on top. I plan to use the Scale Warship parts for the rotor cradles, to prevent a massive rotor diameter problem. Have many 32nd aircraft to build, and thus get room for more! Here are some boxes and consoles that fit inside the nose piece, I probably won't be using most of the internals, but I wanted to see what it looked like, and can decide what I want to use and what not to use! This is the heating duct specific to the Wessex, it uses bleed air from the compressor of the engines and gets extremely hot... If the valve is stuck open it will fast get uncomfortable in the cabin! Line connectors, or so I think, more nice parts for my collection for when "I get gud!" Scale Warships rotor fold parts. The roots are pretty small compared to the Adriatic models ones, and I will have to experiment to see which I like! Hendie parts from Shapeways, the main rotor transmission part is designed to take into account the transmission deck is 7mm too low. The parts are well designed, and I love the clear rotor head, as I can do the oil reservoir. The tail wheel unit and the tail rotor parts are a must if you ask me.. The last shot is the comparison of Adriatic Vs. Shapeways. I think the Adriatic parts are simply outstanding, but Hendie did a good job as well! The Adriatic has more detail, and designed to open the transmission area, Hendie's I think was just to look good below the mesh! So there we are, final pieces are in. Adriatic has made a fantastic few sets for this FLY Wessex, I have seen the kit built well out of the box, but with these parts from Adriatic you should be able to make a masterpiece! The printing is superb, and details are great! Well worth the purchase!
  9. I received a box, with the word "FRAGILE" on it, I thought maybe it was a major award? Anyway, FedEx did their best to destroy it, the Box was practically round, and the tracking said it followed the routing of ROME-PARIS-NEW YORK-PARIS-MEMPHIS-WINNIPEG... I don't know why. but it certainly did a world tour! These parts are extremely well researched, and well printed. I have gotten several other parts from Shapeways, these were cheaper, and the plastic look different, but once I get into it I may do a comparison. Hendie (from Britmodeller) who made the other parts also did a lot of research and the parts look good too. Adriatic packed the box well, all the parts were in blister packs and taped down with strong double sided tape. makes it tough to remove the parts but hey, they ain't going anywhere on their own! (Free mask included, to keep us all safe a little longer). I ordered everything that was available for the Wessex HU.5, there are a couple pieces particular to the HC.2 that I did not order. First up, there were a LOT of packages First up, internal rib detail There is enough for both sides with pieces to spare as well as connectors, including the frame surround of the sliding door. the detail is very nice, and includes the details for the emergency exit opening. Rotor head, and tail pylon detail, includes the fold with bulkheads as well as the intermediate gear box Inside the air intake is next, with the classic frame included. you have to source mesh on your own, and I do have some ideas, there are 2 parts so if you mess up, you should be able to recover! This covers important details that FLY did not include at all. To place IN the intake well are 2 Rolls Royce Gnome H-1400 fronts, included are 2 separate styles of starter bullet, and also the variable guide vanes are visible on the engine sides Next up, bulkheads to move the cabin ceiling up a little. This will fix the transmission deck floor to the proper height, it includes corrected and refined detail Engine exhausts and exhaust door, contains 2 different style exhausts, both for floats and without floats, Cockpit details, just sublime. Some parts broke off the carrier, but as far as I can see no parts broken, it was supposed to include cyclic stick grips, but none was present, but I got 4 collective sticks. the details are incredible, and will replace parts that were broken in the Fly kit. Next up Transmission deck details and transmission. This includes everything needed, such as rotor brake, hydraulic pumps, oil cooler, transmission, drive shaft and various other bits. It also came with a length of wire to liven the area up. The professionals on here will certainly be able to build a masterpiece, I hope to be able to clap something together that does it a little justice. In addition I ordered an H-34 rotor head to supplement the one I broke for my MRC kit... I forgot to grab a picture of the heater duct, but I may grab a picture of it tomorrow! Hope you guys enjoy the pictures!
  10. That HpH B-52H that I ordered when i had monies... Some Starfighter D aftermarket.
  11. Awesome pics Ernie! Canadian Naval Aviation is a favorite modelling subject of mine!
  12. The Lada looks awesome! AS for the SHERP, the local hydro electric company has a few... (Manitoba Hydro)
  13. I had initially ordered one in august but it never materialized, but now it has, and I can't spring the money for it... Cheers Harald
  14. @TJTX the course is 8 days, shortened from the standard 18... a bit compressed and I still need to do the ride on the aircraft at home. @Clunkmeister Unfortunately I won't be going on courses there anymore, april 2019 was the last time i managed that, at DFW south center. but unfortunately they sold the machine so now I go to Florida. You're not talking Rodeo Goat are you? I love that place...
  15. Yup, Just got in to Flight Safety in West Palm Beach!
  16. Sikorsky S-76C+ training manual by flight safety...
  17. Ernie, I made it to 14500 feet, but the trees were so small I had to go back down again... not too fond of being over 2000 feet.
  18. Me at work, waiting for a pickup https://imgur.com/a/FBleaMC
  19. I'm in for the Raffle, and also donating the following as a set: 3 Tamiya (New obviously) tools, a set of photo etch bending pliers, a photo etch diamond file, and a pair of PE scissors Cheers! Harald
  20. Just a funny helicopter anecdote, since there was one earlier... I had to do a power check on a 206L3, I had to call center and ask for 15000 feet... over dryden. The guy at center just said; If you can get that high? fill your boots...."
  21. Ha cool! Standard Universal! Yeah we rotorheads think you fixed wing guys are nuts too... There's a bunch of 185s, Otters and Beavers on slippers (floats) that fart around much lower than us... I just don't join the circuit, just land into the apron in the best fashion not to end up in front of any planks... Northern Manitoba, indeed all of northern Canada is filled with wrecks. I've seen my fair share for sure, never found any hidden gems yet though! Cheers, Harald
  22. Interesting! So in 2007 or 8 I got to go to Charron Lake (N52.73 W95.28), about 70 Nautical south south west of Island Lake (CYIV), to help the Western Canada Air Museum in Winnipeg sling the tail section of a Fokker Super Universal! It was in the exhibit when I went in 2018, but they lost their Hangar. I don't know if they have gotten funding for a new location yet. I had it on a 100 foot long line on the Bell 206 Jet Ranger, and we stopped in Little Grand Rapids for fuel, before making it to Lac Du Bonnet with it. The tail section was in a crate and had horrible drag, but it was fun and I enjoyed the history aspect of it. I used to work for an aviation museum in Norway, and we certainly had some pioneering history, but Canada had a lot. Tom Lamb of Lamb-air comes to mind... Anyway, a funny anecdote to your cool build! Welcome back!
  23. Hey guys, I know there's been a run on Wingnut Wings kits lately. My local hobbyshop has a few, Hobbysense in Winnipeg, Canada. Hope it's ok that I post here. Cheers Harald
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