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Bugattu 100P.. The Most Beautiful Aircraft you've never heard of !!

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2 hours ago, DocRob said:

Fascinating plane, sad story about the replica's crash.
You know, that there is a kit out there in 48 scale? I nearly bought it and may will do after one or two other experimental plane builds

Bugatti 100 Racer 1/48 | Special Hobby - best for modelers

Cheers Rob

Paul Fisher did one in 1/24 on a commission, to his usual standard.

Then Lone Star Models has done one in 1/32, admittedly not as nice and refined as Fisher’s.

And Marsh Models have announced a 1/32 release later this year.

The brainchild of Louis de Monge was beautiful, but the question remains as to whether it was a sound airframe …


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I can 100% recommend Flight Dojo , does great videos on aircraft .

Bit like Greg of Gregs Airplanes and Automobiles -  in depth well researched work , plus he's also an airline pilot . 

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