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FG-1D VBF-88 USS Yorktown 1945

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Next up is this Tamiya F4U-1D/FG-1D of VBF-88 on the USS Yorktown during the last couple of month's of the war. You will see the prop hub is painted pea green which what most of the Yorktown a/c used on their prop hubs throughout the war. Most of the Quinta details are in place and most of the interior parts and landing gear are now painted (my modus operandi is to pre-paint as much as possible before glueing anything up which makes things easier, etc). So stay tuned sports fans and athletic supporters! LOL Another Corsair build for my collection.

6-24-23 001.jpg


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13 minutes ago, Peterpools said:


Completely agree ... the hallmark of Tamiya: part fit. 


That's one big reason I've built so many of their Corsairs and P-51's. Well worth the price. :)

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