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Tamiya P-51D "Happy Jack's Go Buggy" is next

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On 9/20/2023 at 12:04 PM, BlrwestSiR said:

One of those Mustangs I hear about but I think yours will be the first I've seen. 

Agreed Carl. The only decals I know of for this a/c are the one's from Draw Decals. They are okay for one that you might see at air shows but aren't accurate for the WW II a/c. They provide a "I" for the squadron markings and the WW II bird was "O". Also, the WW II a/c was a earlier "D" without the tail fillet. So those two things are inaccurate on the Draw sheet. They are however great decals and do have good personal markings for the name, mission markings and the first two letters of the squadron ID ( "MC"). To do a accurate WW II bird the Tamiya, and Revell, kits are good since they come with both tails. Clear as mud Carl? LOL :)

:) CHANGE OF PLANS: After doing some "research" I find that MC-O was lost and Ilfrey evaded capture and returned to England in 6 days! He was allowed to go back on ops and his NEW P-51 was "I" which was a P-51D-5 w/no dorsal fillet. It also had invasion stripes so the Draw Decals are correct except for the dorsal fillet. So now I plan to do "I". :)



Scanned Section 1-1.jpg




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2 hours ago, Peterpools said:


Nice choice of kit and markings for our next build and of course, you are off and running. 

I had at first intended to build it as another "Bardahl Special" racer with slightly different markings but, since I have the decals for Go Buggy, I decided to go on and do that instead. I'll probably do the racer at a later date since I really like that overall white finish. And I have the decals for that one too. :)

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I plan to replace the Tamiya upper wings with some modified Revell upper wings. It will give me a P-51 model that doesn't have all the little rivets showing. Takes a bit of surgery, etc but, I think, a workable solution to the wing "problem". :)

9-21-23 001.jpg

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28 minutes ago, BlrwestSiR said:

That's a different approach to the wing rivet issue. The only  1/32 P-51 I've built has been the Dragon one. Those rivets were pretty deep. 

A few years ago I replaced the whole Tamiya wing with a Revell set on a Tamiya P-51. It worked okay but took a lot more work. I think this way it will be easier and get about the same results. :)

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The Revell upper wing halves fit okay but the Tamiya leading edge pieces do not as you can see. The only thing to do is glue 'em in place as best I can then putty and sand the crap out of 'em. Those particular pieces have always been a PITA anyway but particularly so here. 🤪

9-25-23 001.jpg

9-25-23 002.jpg

9-25-23 003.jpg

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I just found some Revell corresponding parts so I'll test fit those to see if it's mo betta. Fingers crossed. :)

Removed the Tamiya parts and tried the Revell replacements. Works a lot better. Not perfect but well enough that it will be easier to putty and sand as a lot of the gaps, etc are a result of me trying to get the Tamiya parts to fit. 🤪

9-25-23 B 001.jpg

9-25-23 B 002.jpg

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