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Eduard Wilder Cat FM-2 completed


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This is a very nice kit of a subject that has been neglected in the past. The FM-2 is one that I've liked for a long time and was happy to see where Eduard had decided to issue one (in 1/48 but beggars can't be choosers!) I wonder if they are considering one in 1/32? THAT would be great!

This model was done OOB except for the decals which are Aeromaster. Painted with Testor's GSB and oversprayed with Alclad clear semi-gloss after decaling was completed. I have another on the shelf that I plan to do in the 3-tone scheme. I hope y'all like it! :)

PLEASE click on the 1st image for best resolution and to view as a slide show. THANKS!!

10-11-23 001.jpg

10-11-23 002.jpg

10-11-23 003.jpg

10-11-23 004.jpg

10-11-23 005.jpg

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5 minutes ago, Peterpools said:


Gorgeous Wildcat. Fit and finish is superb.

Right with you on wishing Eduard would rediscover 32nd scale and the Wildcat would be a perfect choice for them. 


Thank you Peter. No harm in wishing that's for sure. We will see! :)

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1 hour ago, KUROK said:

Great job!  I have done one Eduard so far, Spitfire MkIX, and it was a joy to build.

Seems you and Eduard are made for each other?

Thanks!:) No Kurok, I doubt it LOL. They have some really nice 1/48 kits but that scale isn't my preference now days. I'm building the FM-2's because I've always wanted some good kits of those a/c and their 1/48 ones were the only game in town as they say. Now, if they do more in 1/32 that's a whole 'nuther thing! But continuing to build stuff in 1/48, unless it's something like a B-17, etc, just ain't gonna happen. LOL :)

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