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(WIP) PZL P.24 B IBG 1:72


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There is still a bit of time left until Christmas and here IBG Models sent me a gift from me in the form of their new model of PZL P.24 B aircraft (72554) in Bulgarian paintings and the model came with 3D printed extras. And there are two kits dedicated to P.24 series aircraft: IBG 72U023 Radiators and Venturi Tube for PZL P.24A/B/C/E - 3d printed (1:72) and IBG 72U025 Pilot's seat with seatbelts for PZL P.24A/B/C/G - 3d printed (1:72). I would like to thank IBG Models for the supplied model and accessories. That's enough introduction now it's time to see what's inside.


After opening it up, this is what it looks like inside.


All the mouldings.


Two plates and a film.


Decal sheet and what I found very interesting is the lettering ( number 26 ) on the tyres! A revelation for me.



There are three camouflage variants to choose from, I haven't chosen which one I will build yet. And as you can see there is also an invitation to "Babaryba 2024" it is the biggest and best modelling event in Poland.



A complete novelty of IBG Models company, that is their 3D printed add-ons and here they are dedicated to PZL P.24 family of aircraft. 




All in all, we have a very interesting version of the P.24 in uncommon paintings with very interesting additions. I still have to look at the source materials to see what more can be squeezed out of this model. There is nothing left for me to do but to invite you to continue this workshop thread.  
I would like to thank IBG Models for the supplied model and accessories.

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The interior is done, and the printed seat with headrest and straps is one piece and makes the build very easy. There's not even anything to compare with the kit parts. And this is what it looks like.


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I looked at the documentation I had and didn't even know how much of this goodness I had. And this is from the following publications: "KAGARO", "MILITARIA", "POD LUPĄ", TBiU and "STRATUS" and collected over the years. And the pilot's cockpit came to the forefront, I have retrofitted the missing parts and wires, it is a pity that all this will not be visible. There are two clocks on the right frame, but in the instructions they are all black and in the photos you can see the numbers on them and I put them there too. On the right-hand clock I smeared the clock surround and glazed it as it is in the photos and plans.





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Looking at the documentation and photos, there are modified locks on the engine cover outside the prototype to open it. Seemingly nothing but such a small detail I did on the cowl.


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