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Paint organization


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With my latest order of paint arriving for my He 111 build I realized I can no longer just toss the bottles up on my rack and go hunting for the needed color when time comes.  
I just spent a little over an hour rearranging my paint shelves.  

I now have dedicated shelves for FS/RAF/RLM and WWII Army/Navy colors.  Also made space for “extra stock” because I was not keeping track of how many extras I’ve been tossing in with order I’ve placed since I built this system and switched over to lacquer.  

We’ll see how this works out for now.  But I do need some projects to burn through all this Tamiya acrylic I still have.  




Is it obvious that I have not built any WWII Army/Navy models yet?   :rofl:

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9 minutes ago, Bomber_County said:

Hey Scott you must use a hell’ve lot of Micro set etc or was it a job lot…….

:rofl:This was one of my reasons for trying to get my build area organized. I had no idea what I had in my old shop and would just order another bottle when I was putting in an order for supplies.  When I was organizing things the old Steve Erkil line kept popping up in my head. “Did I do that?”  

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