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1/35 Churchill Mk IV AVRE with SBG Bridge

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MODEL: Churchill Mk IV AVRE with SBG Bridge
SCALE: 1/35


- MiniArt British Tank Crew # 35332
- Rest-Cast Churchill Stowage #2
- Beadsmith S-Lon TEX210 Medium Weight Nylon Woven Cord
- Master Models 7.92mm BESA Brass Machine Gun Barrel
- Various Brass, Solder, Steel, and plastic stuff


- adjusted forward tank suspension for bridge load
- modified rear sprocket retainer (kit # missing)
- added S-Lon cord to winch spool
- created barrel spring (kit # missing)
- scratch built intake and exhaust vent support rods (kit # broken)
- modified tow cable retention hooks on tank (kit too short)
- replaced front MG barrel with brass defined part
- modified all cable connections with aluminum sleeves
- scratch built "T" hook for cable bridge linkage
- added pioneer tools and fire extinguishers (missing in instructions)
- added forward driving lights (missing in instructions) 
- added exhaust retention bracket (missing in instructions)
- created PE tow cable stowage channel (kits incorrect)
- added figure helmet and TC microphone cables
- added Tamiya tape for goggle straps
- added all aftermarket items


- Tank Encyclopedia on-line
- Imperial War Museum on-line
- Wikipedia on-line
- Churchill Infantry Tank, by David Fletcher
- Churchill Tank, Haynes, by Nigel Montgomery


- Rustoleum black primer base
- LifeColor Dark Green No.# 24, B.S. # 381 
- Various Vallejo, Tamiya, and Testors MM Colors
- Vallejo European Thick and Splash Mud
- Life Color Skin Tone Set
- Tamiya Panel Liner
- Various Pastels

SUBJECT: this model replicates the Churchill Armored Vehicle Royal Engineers (AVRE) with Small Box Birder (SBG) Bridge of the 5th Assault Regiment, Royal Engineers, 79th Armored Division, late 1944.








Thanks for looking!

Ben and Jarrod

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Great build and paintjob. The figures add to the realism as well and the scene looks like captured in a picture, nice. I have the MK. IV Avre sans bridge in my stash and always liked the almost steam punk like appearance of it. 

Cheers Rob

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Thanks to all. Building this became a far greater challenge than it should've been. There were parts missing, incomplete or incorrect instructions, broken or missing parts (and I bought this new as a sealed kit?). Even trying to find the correct colors for the period armor was difficult. After it all, Jarrod and I are mostly happy with the results. Thanks again for looking in and providing your kind feedback....


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