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My birdcage Corsair builds SO FAR.....


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I remember a show some years back named "Eight is Enough". Wellllll....I've built eight birdcage Corsairs and I don't think that's enough! LOL Just for grins here are their photos. I intend to build another one now but haven't decided on which one. I'll start a build thread when I decide and get started. :)

1-5-23 001.jpg

3-1-19 001.jpg

4-22-20 002.jpg

4th corsair birdcage 008_zpsobb4mdbr.jpg

5-4-18 001.jpg

5-15-23 B 006.jpg

8-9-23 005.jpg

F4U-2 3.jpg

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Just now, ScottsGT said:

Impressive!  I’ve yet to build one Corsair. Wait, does the A-7 Corsair count? 

LOL Afraid not Scott. 😄 Close but no cigar. :)

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49 minutes ago, Peterpools said:

Hi John

Awesome collection of Birdcage Corsairs and can't wait to follow your next build: Birdcage #9.:popcorn:

Don't think I ever missed a single show.




Time for another birdcage I think. The only "problem" is finding one I haven't already modeled! LOL Kind of leaning toward "Tojo Eats S**T" but we will see. :)

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On 2/20/2024 at 7:00 PM, BlrwestSiR said:

Lovely collection of Birdcage Corsairs John. 

How about an FAA one? They had a few I think for training in the US.

That might be a good idea Carl. I see Eaglecals had a Birdcage FAA decal sheet #EC152 but I've checked them and ebay with no luck. Maybe someone here has one they'd part with..........

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