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Bad storms blew through the south east last night.  Power has been off since 4 am.   Time to pull out the inverter again for some modeling light.  

Got my fix in.  I feel much better now.  


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I had the screen I replaced last fall in my screen door blow out.  I guess I used too small of a ribbon to hold it in. Lake level has risen almost 3 feet since the rains started the other day.   Had to go down to the dock this morning and drop the boats Bimini top and raise it up higher on the lift. 
We finally got power back on at 3:30 yesterday afternoon.  The real disaster is my lawn.  It’s been raining so much lately (almost 4” within the past week) that I haven’t been able to mow the grass.  Hopefully the sun will come out today and start to dry things up.  Laundry’s piling up because we’re on septic and I don’t want to use excessive water right now.  
Crap.  Just checked the weather.  Calling for rain again around 3 pm.  Maybe I can get a cut in before that.  I’m slammed with appointments until after lunch.  

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Sure, is a lot of rain. Up here on Long Island, we have also had an abnormal amount of rain as well, local flooding, especially on the south shore and water levels seem to be at an all-time high. Even the three ponds at my local Nature Center (two of which had been bone dry for years and the largest one nearly 75% drained) are now close to normal levels, never thought I would see them come back. 

Just glad you and your family are OK.


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