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Preferred Airbrush cleaners?

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I know I need to narrow this down a bit:  I'm looking for a refill on my usual acrylic paint airbrush cleaner which was the Vallejo cleaner.  I see Grex has their own, which has 'detergents' in it.  Has anyone used the Grex airbrush cleaner?  What are other preferred options?


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Hi Chris

When it comes to Vallejo paints, I always use their dedicated thinners and cleaners to help eliminate any possibilities of contamination and a huge mess next time I use the AB with another brand of paint. I always follow up my AB cleaning with lacquer thinner as well. I'm very careful with Vallejo paints an actually have a dedicated Grex AB for just them to be extra careful.

I also use Mig Thinners and AB cleaners as well but do not have a dedicated AB for them.

I have had good luck with Ultimate AB Cleaner but find it pretty expensive.




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I use the tamiya stuff. I add some to the color cup, use a very large paintbrush to scrub the cup, then spray it out at high pressure. I then

remove parts to expose the needle, use the same brush to wipe off the

needle and nozzle, reassemble and spray out some water or denatured

alcohol. Done. Using this method, I only occasionally need to remove the

airbrush nozzle or needle. I find that Simple Green will remove Tamiya

acrylics from Items with a simple soak. I do this with my Paasche H 

airbrushes and bottles. 

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