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1/32 P-38M "M"M is for migraine !

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OK , for those that know me, also know that I have been working on this beast for 3 yrs and 2 months ! I had a thread going with the old site, so now I start again. I wont bore you with the last 3 yrs ( to many pics anyway) I'll start with some not so new and go from there. As I have always said comments and criticism is always welcome. Thanks all...........Harv



  these are the most excellent MASTER brass gun barrels, and the were blued using...yep, gun blueing.




          Tires and wheels are done with powders, no paint



     Two hrs of work !



 Getting ready for paint

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Now for newer pics. Before painting, I wanted to try several different ways of painting. I is a night fighter, so it would be black. But I didn't just want to pick up a can of rattle black and spray the whole thing 1 color. So I found an old hanger queen and now I have 4 different canvases. 



 This first one shows top left, 



 Bottom right is just plain semi gloss black



Bottom left.This is suppose to be Olive drab, but very dark



Close up showing salt weathering on wing tips



Panels masked off for shade variance.

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The kit I'm building is a P-38L converted to a P-38M. The one with the paint on it is an oldie had put away years ago. It's just a test piece to see what procedure I will use to paint the "M"

 Owl, the crosses are "off"  because on the aircraft, when "up" they are not , some of the glass is below the sill...........Harv 

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There seems to be some confusion on my build. The painted one is NOT my P-38M, its a test mule for paint. Th help, I'll post some othe WIP pics I've taken in the last 3 yrs ( yes, its been going on THAT long). Hope you enjoy !..........Harv









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Looks like you're back in full swing again my friend - I love what you're doing here. But you're looking a little nekkid !

I'm sure Jeroen can make a P-38 signature banner for you. I'll try to remember to ask as well. Can't have you bare assed nekkid man.

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Refresh my memory.  What kit is this?


I'm sorry. I forgot to answer you. It is the Trup P-38 -L-O5. I used Jerry Rutmans "M" conversion along with his tires and prop blades. SAC landing gear. FWI all of the "M" conversion parts are now available  from Gray Matters, and they are very very good !. Ask any questions you might have, all of you..............Harv

looking good, but the Xs on the canopy appear to be a bit off.

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