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1:32 Bf 109G-6 engine

James H

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1:32 Bf 109G-6 engine
Eduard Brassin
Catalogue # 632025
Available from Eduard for 44,95 €
Bunny Fighter Club price: 38,21 €


That time has begun. In the months now proceeding the release of Revell's highly anticipated Bf 109G-6 kit, we are starting to see a whole swathe of aftermarket accessories arrive for this superb kit. It started with a correction set from Alley Cat which took into hand certain accuracy aspects of the base kit, such as the rather anaemic looking bueles, amongst other things. Now we have Eduard weighing in and adding their super-detailing expertise to this model, making it more than a viable proposition for the hardcore 109 nut. Today we look at possibly the most impressive detail set for this so far, namely the Daimler Benz DB605 engine.

This release is packaged into the neat, top-opening Brassin box that Eduard uses for many of its more complex and parts-numerous releases. Finished in satin black, a label is affixed to the top to indicate the set within, complete with a CAD rendering of the two assemblies supplied within. Yes, two assemblies. Not only does this set provide the engine itself, but it also supplies the MG mount/tray system to the rear of the engine. Oh, did I not say? There's also a set of engine and MG mount cowls, incorporating that correct size buele too. One cowl part not in this kit is the lower radiator cowl. This set is designed to be used with the forward fuselage moulding still intact. We'll look more closely at this soon.




This is a rather heavy box, hinting that it's chock-full of Eduard resin goodness within. That assumption certainly wasn't wrong. If you like lots of parts to your projects, then there's no element of disappointment to be found here. In fact, this set contains SEVERTY-THREE parts cast in a combination of both light and dark grey resin, plus TWO photo etch frets containing over THIRTY parts more. Six zip-lock bags have been used to bag up the resin parts, whilst a large casting block containing both engine cowl halves, is provided un-bagged. Protective layers of foam are used to cushion the parts within the box, and the instruction manual is provided folded over the contents.








Tackling the first and most obvious packets that catch my eye provide some data for your use. Firstly, the engine isn't designed to be displayed without the lower engine tray/cowl in place. It is specifically designed to be used with this kit part in situ. This is because below the engine exhaust level, there is no detail provided, such as the shape of the cylinder banks, the plumbing or the fuel injector assembly. This is by no means a criticism, as this is designed to be seen from the level of the exhausts, upwards, and the detail provided here is just mouth-watering.


Eduard has done an amazing job with the DB605's ignition leads, cast complete with their connector detail, and the conduit through which the leads run. The forward hub is cast separately, as is the rear ancillary equipment, but the main body is cast with a lot of sharp and very accurate looking detail, such as the breather which sits atop the crankcase, and various plumbing connectors and equipment mounting points. A large casting block needs to be removed from below the engine, but as this is the 'dead zone', there's no concern about hitting any detail by accident. One other part is given in this pack, and that's the rear cowl for the weapons area, complete with partial buele. This has full internal detail too, and it designed to be posed 'off the model'.




The second pack also provides some useful information for the builder. Eduard has designed this set to be used with both the 109G-6 and 109G-6/U4 variants. There are quite a lot of differences internally, and both options are provided here in amazing detail. Optional parts include two full rear engine bulkheads, two different style weapons trays and a number of other ancillary parts. The bulkheads and weapons trays just have to be seen to be believed. I think this is probably some of the most detailed resin upgrade stuff that I've ever seen. Dripping in detail such as plumbing and wiring valves, connectors and other avionics. The various sections are also designed to be modular, with the completed engine locating positively to the MG sheath which protrudes through the bulkhead.




It's pointless detailing every single part within each bag without this article becoming increasingly irrelevant and dull, so let's take time out here and look at just a few key pointers when it comes to detail, and follow with some images of what to expect when you open this substantial box of resin components.

  • Exhausts: all individually cast, and with hollow ends
  • Engine hub is cast with engine shaft in situ. Shaft is keyed for fitting the propeller
  • Highly detailed spent ammunition chutes.
  • Highly detailed glycol header tank supplemented by photo etch parts.
  • Each MG built from two parts, with forward section incorporating MG mount. MG's have semi-hollow muzzles
  • Superbly detailed multi-part engine mounts
  • Separate oil tank and external engine plumbing
  • Separately cast external air intake which neatly sites into rivet edged recess on cowl side

Of special note are the cowl sides. These were actually damaged in my sample, but Eduard's customer service saw them send out a replacement immediately. This is the same level of service I've come to expect off these guys since I've been dealing with them. The cowls themselves are quite exquisite, with finely riveted external detail and neatly defined gun troughs. You will need to remove a small lip at the barrel side of the channel. This is simply a small web from the casting process. Each top edge has a finely reproduced set of hinges which were quite obvious on these machines.




Internally, the detail is every bit as thorough, with excellent constructional elements all sharply defined.


All resin parts are connected to their blocks either by means of an easy to saw-through stub, or in the case of some of the finer parts, via a thin wall which could easily be removed with either a saw or a fresh knife blade. Some areas, such as the gaps in the engine mounts, are flashed over and this will of course require removal before assembly. All resin is superbly cast, with absolutely no flaws on our sample, and no with seams which are nigh on negligible.






TWO PE frets are included, produced in bare brass. The parts on these include rear glycol tank strip, lifting lugs, linkages and connectors, exhaust flame deflector plates, intake grille etc. All parts are superbly manufactured, and tags are minimal. A small amount of folding will be required, but nothing onerous.






A comprehensive detail set will require comprehensive instructions, and the ones for this set are printed over four double-sided A4 sheets, containing a total of 37 constructional sequences. The drawings are line based, and are easy to follow. Coloured ink is used throughout to highlight newly assembled areas and those kit parts that need to be modified. You will need a little plastic strut and lead wire to complete the assembly of this set, and all this is clearly shown on the instructions. Some surgery to the base kit will of course be required, but nothing too complicated. Colour call-outs are also supplied by means of GSI/Mr Hobby codes.








Another winner of a set, which is chock full of detail and surely cannot fail to impress. This is no five minute project, as both the respective cost and parts count should tell you, but when installed to Revell's new kit, must surely go the best part of the way to producing the most impressive Gustav there is to be found anywhere. A mini project, all in itself.


Very highly recommended


James H


Our sincere thanks to Eduard for the review sample used here. To purchase directly, click this link. Consider joining Eduard's Bunny Fighter Clubprogramme for further discounts on your purchases.




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I can only hope that my skill set improves over the years to do justice to such an array of highly detailed add ons!! That engine is incredible!!

Skill level will improve with each kit. Be sure to have fun doing it.

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