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So I have never done a WIP. but since I have got my mojo back, I have a few to get finished, so if it is ok I will do a kind WIP, this is Trumpys Lav3 that I will be finishing white UN markings,

the hull is mostly complete,






so into the turret









next up will be the baskets, never my favourite part, LOL.

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Ok managed to do a little more today, gave up on the kit side bins, when I remembered I had two spare Black Dog ones with stowage cast in, so after a lot of cleaning and fettling and some filler they are now on



still a little more tidying up but they should look ok



added the aerial mounts and lifting eyes etc,






So should be able to get further tomorrow,


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So managed to get quite a bit done today, got say the turret baskets in this kit are a nightmare, the rear basket fought me all the way! the smoke launchers are not the best either but hey ho here is how far I got,












so next session will be a final check and then the pre shading using green as some items on the vehicle were not painted white,


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A little more progress, done the main detail painting though I forgot the ammo tin for the 7.62 but no problem to sort later, gloss varnish on so looking a little better,








Got a full day on her Saturday so should be able to get close to finishing.

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