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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

Airfix 1/24 Typhoon 1b, Pulverizer II, 440 Sqn RCAF, B.78 Eindhoven, Fall 1944.

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Of course I haven't got the Tiffie in my grubby paws yet but I've pre-ordered it. Although the Typhoon looks really at home in full invasion stripes, I have chosen a later subject: Pulverizer II of 440 Sqn RCAF. This Bombphoon was based at B.78 Eindhoven in late 1944. An airbase which is still in use by the Royal Netherlands Air Force nowadays. It is also used as a civilian airfield, much used for European flights carried out with aircraft in the Boeing 737 size class.






So, to be continued...

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Excellent choice with the Tiffie!


By the way, when is the kit released? Can't be too far away?


I expect it to be released in July.


Damn! Saw the title and expected to see plastic. 


:) Thought I'd pull a small "Jimmy H." on you! Hehehehe!

Besides, I still have a Fokker E.III to finish and a Pacific M4A2 to complete, because the Eindecker GB closes the end of this month and the Pacific GB the end of July... And I have to shed my reputation of the Non-Finisher-Of-LSM..... ;)

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Totally forgot I started this one already!! :brickwall:


Anyway, it was always my intention to build an early tailplane - 3blader Tiffie and a Tempest-tailplane - 4blader.


Since I started the 3-blader now, this thread will be under :construction: for some while longer!



Hmmmm, I think that our esteemed escape-Hatch has indeed uncovered a trend in my WIP's never proceeding past the first post.... :o

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