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never got on with alclad - but i was trying to paint masks on top and found it rubbish for that (gunze paints are gargantuan in ability to resist peel off by comparison...), but that's probably just me


your effects are very impressive!


quick question on hairspray chipping:

so you spray hairspray on, then how long until you sprayed the green on top...and then how long until you 'chipped'?


really liking this model and can't wait to see more



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Hi Nick,


I've tried AK chipping medium but found the effects too subtle.


So what i do now is:

Spray a gloss black base

Spray alclad

Spray cheap hairspray directly in my airbrush cup

Spray the hairspray on my model

use hairdryer. And wait 5 minutes.

Spray color.

use hairdryer. And wait 5 minutes.

Start chipping with flat brush and water...

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