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Meteor F.8 Fisher conversion

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Finally it's arrived! I only had chance for a quick scan but it seems excellent!


Thanks to Kagemusha's heads up I got the donor HK F.4 for £55 delivered from lucky model so it's cost about £120 all in so not to bad at all for a comprehensive conversion.


Watch this space I'll post some more pics tonight.

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Hiya Ben,

             That`s a nice conversion set and it should result in a great model but as a fellow Lancashire lad you should really be going for the 611 (West Lancashire) Sqn option based at Woodvale!  



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Blimey didn't realise that. Might have to do that for old times sake.

611 Sqn operated F.8`s in silver and in camouflage,......... so either would be OK, but the camouflaged ones with the later fully glazed canopy do look very nice indeed!



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Got chance to do a bit tonight so thought I'd break the back of it and do the two main cuts.


Dymo tape was the trick here to keep the cuts straight and accurate and I used progressively bigger scribers until I could use the razor saw.






Not a lot left of the kit fuselage!!










Lots of excess plastic!









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Guest Kagemusha

Pity they didn't just do a full fuselage, hope they do for the FR.9 and nightfighters. Good luck with it, great project.

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Pity they didn't just do a full fuselage, hope they do for the FR.9 and nightfighters. Good luck with it, great project.

Hardly seems worth using that little of the kit fuselage, gonna be bugger all left of the HK kit for the two seaters!


Done all the major cutting now, fits pretty good, especially as I haven't done any cleaning up yet.





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Right haven't had a lot to report as I've mainly been cleaning the resin up, but I sprayed the inside of the intakes silver today and that's allowed me to get the wings together. The way the resin intakes are cast means you can't put them in place once the wings together, so I've glued the wings and left the intakes loose and I'll Super glue them tomorrow once the plastic has fully dried. I also added a bit of wiring and piping to the intake faces to add some interest for anyone daft enough to look inside.








You might also notice that the tails on, I cut it off as accurately as I could with dymo tape and used a sanding block to make sure the mating surface is truly square but i have a slight step between the two. After a first attempt I plugged the kit fuse with two part epoxy putty and added a brass rod to give it some strength and allow me to take my time adjusting it. I'll be interested to see how other modellers fair and wether it's my shoddy cutting or slight shrinkage.



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I'm having the same issue with the tail on mine. Removed plastic to the panel line and got a beautifully squared off joint. If I push the tail into each fuse half, the fit looks great, but when i put the fuse halves together and plug the tail in, there's a serious step.


I have a plan to fix mine, and I'll post it in my topic if it works.

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Sorry for the lack of updates fellas, managed to get the cockpit done, the ejection seat is excellent and a few airscale placards have livened up the "Coal hole". Found it quite hard to make the black interior interesting so scruffed it up a bit. Few more bits to do like the framing for the gunsight and the ladder structure over the ammo bay but I'll leave them off until the end so they don't yet damaged.















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