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Tamiya 1/35 Mk.IV Male Tank

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Well 2014 wasn't a good year modelling wise... I only completed 3 kits.. But started a whole heap more. Well hopefully I can change that this year!


So to kick the year off, I thought I would got with an shake and bake kit with Mk.IV male Tank.


It builds up very quickly, all the assembly took a day at most. I threw the motor into this so the kids could see it in action before it gets painted up and mounted to a base. This is the current state, will spray a coat of primer after the Steelers/Ravens game..






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Yeap slack indeed! Hoping to sort that this year!


So I have primed it with Mr Surfacer Black, first time I have used it the black Mr Surfacer great stuff!




So my plan today is get a base coat on today. I was going to use The AK Interactive WW1 British colour set... but after playing around with it and asking a couple other guys their methods, I have given up for the moment. It just keeps clogging my AB and I don't have time to strip and clean every 5 minutes!

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So after giving up on the AK acrylics, I sprayed the a base coat of Mr Color Khaki... It turned out not the right shade after it was sprayed. Looked different in the bottle!




So after not being happy with the Khaki shade... I thought I will give the AK acrylics one more shot... And I manage to pull it off somehow with getting the right ratio...



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I would Grant.. But I have started to do the weathering of the tracks already. However I do plan to build another one/two soon!


So, I am just doing an generic Mk.IV... Can't find any interesting schemes at the moment, but then I really haven't looked either!


The Red and White Stripes are painted with Vallejo, added some chipping to the outside of it..




Panel washed applied, I used AK's OIF/OEF wash








AK's OIF/OEF Streaking Effects were also used..






So thats were it is currently... Plan to throw some mud at it this weekend...

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Ok! Here's an update...


So first thing is got my photo table up, so I played around with a couple shots to set everything up. Still using my phone for the photos at the mo...






So I have been working on the tracks, started off painting them Mr Color Dark Iron and then they got a coat of AK's Track Wash. Once dry, I used a range of AK Pigments mix with White Sprits to make the mud on the tracks.




Exuast was painted with Mr Surfacer Black then a very thin spray of Tamiya Flat Brown was sprayed. Using Orange Rust from Tamiya's weathering Master, I started the base colour and then used AK's Track Rust pigment for a final tone.




Added a little bit of stoage to the back of the tank. The razor wire is from Galeforce Nine range and the tarp was a small piece of paper folded and crunch up for the wrinkles. Watered down white glue was brushed over it to hold it in place... and then brushed painted with watered down US Dark Green from Vallejo.



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So the plan is to mount this to a base also.. my idea is for it to be muddy will a shell hole filled with water... and maybe a figure at a later date...


I have knocked up a basic frame. This will be puttyed up and painted. I used some foam board that I found at work for the basic ground.






I started to play around with mud and water to see what I can do.. The Mud is from Mig Productions. I used Dry European Dirt here for the test, but have the wet shade that u will use on the base. The water in the shell hole is Vallejo Still Water with a light brown muddy paint mixed throughout it..





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I applied some Two Way Thinners with a brush to the top of the foam to disform it, and then sprayed it with Black Auto Primer.




I removed a bit of the foam afterwards so the tank can sit in deep into the base so it will give the impression of it sitting in the mud a bit better.




MIG Productions Wet European Mud was spread over the base and twig from the garden was added for the broken tree stump.



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Unfortunately... 24 hours later when I checked how it dried... The Still Water has cracked on me.... Have no idea why. So I may scrap the base for the moment and finish the tank... and revisit the base at a later date.



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Just finished this up this morning... Added a little bit more weathering to the hull and the added the unditching beam. If anyone is planning to build this in the future... DO NOT cut the chain to the length that Tamiya has stated in their manual.. you will find it to short!



Finished pics are here - http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/3382-135-tamiya-mkiv-male-tank/

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