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Junkers Ju 87 D/G (Kagero Monographs # 54)


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Kagero Monographs 3D edition #54 (3054)

Junkers Ju 87 D/G (Vol. I)


Publisher: Kagero

Written by: Marek J. Murawski, Marek Ryś


Available here from Kagero for € 20,65





Kagero has become by far my most favorite publisher with their steady stream of 3D rendered  supporting images in their publications. What we have here is the Monographs (a term indicating the description of a single subject) 3D edition covering the Ju 87 D and G variants. The second volume is also available which takes a closer look at the history of the  final production ‘Dora’ versions. Actually when you buy the first volume, I recommend buying the second volume too, because the 3D rendered detailed areas of the Ju 87 are complimentary. Volume one covering the canopy, gear and external details. Volume 2 (#3055) covering cockpit (seat, gunsight) etc…


Back to volume 1. This book covers the design of the Stuka, development, combat operations of the late types and offers a few biographies of crewmen.


Details from the Kagero website:


• 112 pages

• painting schemes

• 110 archive photos

• 77 renders

• 4 A4 sheet of scale drawings

• format (sizes): (210x295 mm)

• matte coated paper

• soft cover binding


Let’s walk through the book:


Junkers Ju 87 ‘Dora’

What I can’t stand as a modeler is buying a book on a certain plane and begin hassled with the total history and development of that plane. I’m only interested in the exact type I’m planning on building. So it’s a relief to see this book starting the the development of the Ju 87 ‘Dora’. I explains the differences the D-version offered and shows pictures of these differences. Different armament, oil radiator, engine, etc… Close-up photographs show us the details of the D-1, D-3 and D-5 versions, varying from gun pod, cockpit and radio set-up. The Dora chapter ends with a couple of experimental versions. Ranging from the wing fitted personnel pods to the torpedo carrying V25 version.







Junkers Ju 87 ‘Gustav’

On with the G-version developed with learnings from the Russian campaign. The most significant demand being smaller fragmentation bombs and the mounting of the 37mm BK 3,7 cannon. The latter giving the Ju 87 G the nickname ‘Kanonenvogel’.





The eastern front 1942 – 1945

The next chapters deals with the theatres the Ju 87 D and G operated in. The eastern front chapter gives the modeler some great reference photographs of white washed winter scheme Stuka’s alongside a description of it’s service at the eastern front.


Africa and the Mediterranean

Despite the eastern front drawing the Stuka capacity away from the African and Mediterranian theater the dive bombing efforts of the remaining units became infamous among the British forces. This becomes apparent in the eye witness reports written in this chapter.


Tank cracker and night assault aircraft

The first Ju 87G-1’s with the 37mm canon pods were used against Russian boats  behind German lines. After these successes the Stuka’s try their canons against Russian armour. This also proves to be successful and causes the pilots to become low level flying enthusiastic hunters.


In foreign service

This chapter deals with the service of the Ju 87 in foreign colors. Some good inspiration to model your Stuka in something other than the usual balkenkreuzen. Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy all had their Stuka units. But what I didn’t know some even flew with Russian, US and British insignia.



Four pages offer detailed drawings in 1:72 scale (side, front and top) and it’s variants. Great for guiding your riveter!





3D renders!

This is the chapter that appeals most to me. Almost 40 pages with very detailed and realistic renders of a Ju 87 D-5. Starting out with some overall views from all directions and followed by close-ups of the spinner, nose, intakes, wing-root, tail, gear and canopy. As said in the introduction, Volume 2 continues these artist renderings with cockpit and other inside detail. A taste of this is given by a last page render of the Revi gunsight…












I think you can guess by now that I am a huge fan of these series. The black and white photo’s offer inspiration and the 3D renderings offer accuracy and detail that simply can’t be seen in normal photographs. Add some detailed line drawings and I guess you’re good to go!


Very highly recommended


Our sincere thanks to Kagero for the review sample. To purchase directly, click HERE.


Jeroen Peters

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No Stickers.

But if there were, they would probably not have been in 1/32 :)


There you're wrong. Whenever they include decals, the do it in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32. Of course there is a downside to it; you (almost always) have to source your own national insignia.

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