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Ju 88 Volume II, Kagero Monographs 3D Edition

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Monographs 3D edition #59 (3059)

Ju 88

Vol. II


Publisher: Kagero

Written by: Marek Rys and Marek J. Murawski


Available here from Kagero for € 21,97




What we have here is yet another 3D edition book in the Kagero Monograph line. Volume II on the venerable Ju 88. Volume I being number 3057 in the Monograph line and can be found here. Volume I focuses more on the design, development and construction of the Ju 88, whereas Volume II deals with the operational history. However: the 3D renders are complimentary, so having both books feels like a must. I have been raving before about the quality of the 3D renders in these series of books, and this title forms no exception. If you have built the 1/32 Revell Ju 88 these renders will make you want to start right over, since details are revealed in such clarity it feels like a crime to omit them…


As always I’ll take you through this book chapter by chapter to give you an impression of it’s contents:


The Phoney War – September 3, 1939 – April 8, 1940

The book immediately starts with the first operation theatre the Ju 88 served in. After all, development of the Ju 88 has already been covered in Volume I. The phoney war marked the start of Britain’s fighting with Germany. Compare it two guys starting a fight and circling and pushing each other before throwing any real punches. A perfect opportunity to test and tweak the then new Ju 88 and overcoming it’s child deceases. The chapter is coloured by vivid veteran stories, describing the attack of the British fleet, mostly in Norway.




Operation Weserübung

This operation was named after the river Weser and entailed the invasion and occupation of Danmark and Norway in order to prevent the British and French from strategically occupying it. Fierce Ju 88 attacks on the British flotilla followed with heavy losses on both sides. Again reports of Ju 88 pilots give us an idea of the chaos was caused. It almost reads like an action filled movie script.







Western campaign – May 10 to June 22

This chapter describes the first attacks on western cities like Rotterdam. Vivid descriptions of how the Luftwaffe knocked out the defences before bringing in the Ju52 laden with paratroopers.  From a modellers point of view, you’re longing for what’s coming next…


3d Renderings!

I’ve not hidden the fact that I’m quite a fan of these 3D renderings. At the moment I’m working on a test shot of the 1/32 Mosquito. As I’m no RAF expert I need all the reference I can get my hands on. Today I was looking for detailed reference material on the bomb aiming instrument. After 5 or 6 books I finally found what I was looking for. One black an white photo, but it had to do. This series of books takes the entire plane apart and renders vital instruments from all sides. In close up. In color. These pages start with the canopy mounted square compass, followed by the rear wall with radio equipment, ammo drums, bombsight (spread over 15 pages!!), instrument panel, rudder pedals, steering column.
















Do yourself a favour when modelling the Revell Ju88 and get yourself a copy. And don’t forget Volume 1. It will save you hours searching the web for that particular photo or angle… I applaud this growing range which are becoming a standard 'tool' on my workbench.


I’m rating this book a 8,5 out of 10. As far as I’m concerned the 3D renderings can fill a bigger portion of the book. 2/3 instead of ½. If that was the case, I’d throw in a 10 out of 10. 


Our sincere thanks to Kagero for the review sample.


You can buy your copy online direct from Kagero's website here.



Jeroen Peters




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