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Which Panzers?


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Hi All ...


I posted this on another forum without much joy earlier ... :( ... help?

It's time for me to order some more gear!!

I'm updating my collection of ground gear ... specifically for two dio's I'm designing: Kursk ... and Tobruk 1941 (siege) ... 1/35 scale.

Kursk, I pretty much have sorted ... thanks to numerous references in my possession ... but Tobruk is proving a tad more difficult since many of my references refer to the British/Australian side of things.

As far as DAK is concerned ... I find reference to machines used in general, throughout the war ... but I'm getting confused with was Rommel had available to him at the time ... I'm assuming the odd Pz.I and II ... but as far as Pz.III and IV are concerned I'm unsure about the 'Ausf.' used at the time and therefore which Dragon/Cyber Hobby kit(s) I should utilise.

I know for the Pz.IV that the 'D' was around ... but also the 'E' and 'F' were too? ... and to make matters worse ... the spare parts bin was raided and we have 'franken-panzers' (bits of all of those thrown in!) ...

So ... Focus ... Tobruk 1941 ... 
* Which Ausf. for both III and IV? ... 
* Which Dragon/C.H kits would be best ... either as a stand alone kits or as base kits and grabbing AM decals??
* I have a preference also for Magic Tracks over the new DS arrangement ... but that wouldn't completely scare me off as tracks can be grabbed AM.

Rog smile.gif tank.gif

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I don't have any books on this subject...only thing I found (so far) is a PzKpfw IV E serving with the 15th pz div.


Colour plate B2 in the Osprey  Panzerkampfwagen IV Medium Tank 1936-45 book.


When you like I can take a photo of it and email it to you...don't think it's legal...or nice...to post it here.



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Per "Rommel's Afrika Korps: Tobruk to El Alamein" you'd be looking at:


Panzer III

- Pz.III Ausf.G was the backbone of the DAK at this point

- Probably a few E/F models still wandering around

- the Ausf.H began to arrive in Dec. '41


Panzer IV

- A few Ausf.D models

- Mostly Ausf.E

- Ausf.F1 models also began to arrive in Dec. '41


Awesome Matt ...


One of my online ref's ( http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww2/nazi_germany/Panzer_IV.php ) shows an F1 from Tobruk in March 1941 - It just goes to show you really have to be careful!! 


To date, I have an Orange Box Pz.III Ausf.G in the stash ... so perhaps one or two more of those ... a couple of Tamiya Sd.Kfz's too ... I also have the Dragon Pz.IV 6301 Ausf.E 'Vorpanzer' and 6315 'Ausf.F1' kits atm ...


I was unsure whether to buy additionals of these or go for others, particularly CH 6512 - 'Ausf.D Vorpanzer' and DR 6779 - 'Ausf.D DAK' Considering the siege timeframe: 10 Apr 1941 - 27 Nov 1941 ...


Any suggestions re: which kits would be best or appropriate decals for any of the above vehicles?


Rog :)

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i am building the Pz IV ausf D DAK model at present (6779)


the kit does not go together well in places but that can be overcome


the styrene tracks are pretty poor, but Spade Ace does metal links in the correct early width; the width is not a massive issue, but the pattern will be


the wheels in the kit are the wrong wider type for the Ausf. E, but hard to tell unless placed directly next to correct ones (in Tristar wheels kit)


the drive sprockets are wrong for the kit markings - you need the early 'type C' ones


there are various other points to consider if you want to make some of the vehicles in the decals


the instructions are atrocious


wow - feels like i'm reviewing again!

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