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Revell H.P. 52 Hampden 1/32


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Revell of Germany anounced a H.P Hampden in 1/32 today.

The Shackleton in 1/72 is scrapped and instead of it they release the Hampden half a year sooner and that was scheduled to be released in 2016.

It wil be getting a whopping 542 parts, movable gear and flaps.

And there wil be a upgrade set to build in sound and  electrical engines...

The release date wil be around September this year.

Pictures are soon to follow.


Regards , Jan

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What some already guessed this post is a aprils fools day joke, i didn't saw any in the most forums so i decided to make my own!!

Sorry to all who had hopes for one, i would like one in this scale for sure and nono not a trumpy ;)


Best regards, Jan

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Now....not beyond ALL possibility....a 1:32 B.P Defiant? Not as if there was only 10 produced.....I guess facing a limited market again?


Anyhow. A night fighter version in 1:32 would be impressive...or even a day 1939/40 scheme....


Dan M

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