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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

GB Info and banners

James H

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Hi ladies and gentlemen,


LSM is proud to announce our Hong Kong Models Group Build.


The remit is simple. You can build ANY of the HK Models kits here (B-17, B-25, Meteor, Do 335 and forthcoming Mosquito). You can use as much aftermarket as you want, or none at all. All projects should be under 1/4 (25% started) at a maximum.


If you fancy some banners, here they are:


















More banners will follow, rest assured.


This is a FOUR MONTH build, but can be extended as we see fit.


Prizes are under negotiation,a nd hopefully, we will have HK Models support us with this, and with some very nice prizes.


This GB starts at the beginning of June, so get yourselves ready!!!

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I think I will get in on this.  I will do the B-25J bomber in the Ink Squirts scheme.  I have several detail items for it and can begin next week.  I even bought a TBF to get a more accurate set of engine fronts and propellers for some molds.


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