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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

USAS Salmson 2-A2. 90th Aero (Pair o' Dice) Sqn.


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So here is my very first post on this forum. Many of you here know me from LSP, where I am a constant poster and builder.

My friend Seiran asked me to build something here, so I will. So I'm here for him :-)

Of course, I will also feature this as a regular WIP thread on LSP, my 'home' group.

This will be a companion on the shelf to the 90th Pair o' Dice F-100 no.777 that I'm finishing up on LSP.


My picture taking skills are hideous, so please, bear with me.




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Hi there!

Of course we know you from LSP. Welcome!!

Good to see a Salmson being built, since you don't see too many of them. Got one in the stash myself so will be following along!




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Just watch the kingposts on the wings. If you use mono like me and like to tension it, you can tension yourself into a massive warp job. No biggie, just re-rig, but you really hate to have to redo some stuff for no reason other that lack of attention paid.

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