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1/12 Bandai Star Wars Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike.


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Well, I reviewed this here yesterday.  
I said I couldn't wait to build the Scout Trooper, I just didn't expect to build it today or this fast.

Its like the other Bandai kits in that it basically snaps together.  So far not a drop of glue on this kit.  Hardly any cleanup of the kit if you're careful to cut it off the sprue and most of the joins are hidden in creases or where there are natural line.  It almost fell together and took a whole 90 minutes at most.

All of the sprues, pre-coloured, are gloss.  The under-suit though of the Scout Trooper though is matt as its cloth.  To get around this I sprayed all of the gloss black suit parts (not the poly caps though) with Vallejo Matt which always comes up the most matt finish Ive ever seen.  Once the figure was complete though I noticed that the gloves are semi-gloss black so I did a quick masking job and over-sprayed the gloves in a semi-gloss varnish (Vallejo again).  Otherwise this is OOB at the moment.  Decals are great using setting solution and adhere well and make a real difference, especially around the face.

So a few pictures before more words...


With gun in hand.











There are a few hand combinations both armed and unarmed, plus a set of hands that moulded to fit the handle bars on the Speeder Bike itself.  The gun can also be stowed in the leg pocket on the figures right leg, a nice touch.


So, pictures of him unarmed.









My only issue is illustrated below.  To allow the feet to be posed on the Speeder Bike pedals the ankles of the figure have to be articulated.  Most of the joints are hidden most of the time depending on the pose.  The only one thats visible all the time is the ankles.  Once I decide how its going to be posed I will probably fill the gaps in the ankles and then spray the filled joints gloss white to match the boots.



More to come once I start the bike.  I guess at that point I need to choose whether he goes on the bike or stays as a standalone.  He's also going to need some weathering too.  

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Yep he's getting a bloody good weathering soon as I have time Jeroen ;)

I quite fancy a second, maybe even a third one so I can leave him unmounted and the bike without rider, one with him on the bike and one like this beauty ;)


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I think you should weather the shit out of him!

Super cool...


To 'Haggo'?


Great looking work Jase....captures the look of this one perfectly. VERY impressive  :unworthy:

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I have this kit and several other Bandai Troopers.  My kids will get a great surprise this Christmas.


My ankle solution is to form some type of spats.  Perhaps form spats using Milliput or Tissue Paper and brush with diluted Gator acrylic glue.


Regardless, these will be fun builds.  I have never done figures but these Troopers will get some creative schemes and be brutally weathered.

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