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1/32 Kitty Hawk F-86D Build

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Hi all,
After the review I did of the Kitty Hawk F-86D Sabre Dog review I did here: http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/3528-132-kitty-hawk-f-86d-sabre-dog/ and the Ejection Seat here http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/3884-eduard-f-86d-ejection-seat-for-kittyhawk-kit/ and the Seatbelts here http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/3885-eduard-f-86d-seatbelts-fabric-for-kittyhawk-kit/ I figured it was only sensible to actually start the build.


So far its just the Seat I have done to tie the two reviews together but once I get to the Eduard Cockpit and Interior review I will start that part of the kit too, its only a couple pictures so far.


I build it as per the Eduard and Kitty Hawk instructions, nothing difficult, you just need to be careful aligning everything and making sure you check and double check before you remove any kit parts.  Essentially the seat update is the seat sides, some fittings on the seat and it has seatbelts.  I however used the Fabric Seatbelt set my first use of these.  They went together relatively easy but I didn't realise they had to come off the card backing until the 1st cut.  Once that was understood though everything else just fell together with some care taken to thread the belts through the various buckles.


The seat was painted as per kit instructions and then washed with some light blue Ammo Wash and a darker wash of grey Paynes oil paint.  It was then lightly dry brushed with a later of lightened base coat before being sealed with flat vallejo varnish.  The straps were then fitted as per Eduard instructions and the two remove before flight lanyard fitted too, the upper one being attached by a very think length of solder to the seat back.


I think it looks ok so far so cant wait to move on to the cockpit and rest of the kit.







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Thanks guys.  Not sure this one will be a fast build as I have so much going on at the moment but your comments really keep the motivation going... 


Next is the review of the Interior & Cockpit Eduard etch before doing that bit next.  

I want to do review and build in parallel really for a bit of a change and to keep the motivation up to keep going on.  Lots of Star Wars kits crying out for attention doesnt help either.


1st world modeller problems :)


Not sure on the scheme yet, thinking I may do one of the Red trainer schemes.
Im going to try to stay away from serious weathering on this one... That said I don't want it perfectly polished either.  Quandries.


I just noticed in pic 2 I've broken one of the struts on the seat... Needs a fix before the pit methinks ;)

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Nice review Jase! You've now 'motivated' me to send for the seat belts for my build.

I've ordered the Zotz 'Sabre Dog' sheet and plan to do the 526th. CO bird so if you fancy one of the other schemes on the sheet, let me know.

Also beware of and take your time with the 'over engineered' front fuselage assembly - it's a doozy!!




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Hi Steve,

Thanks, much appreciated, I may take you up on that offer.

Ive been doing some test fits of the fuselage, and yes its damn complicated isn't it.

A bit of test, trim, test and trim again seems in order.  I hope I can do it justice :)

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You may have noticed Ive lost my mojo a bit on this one.  Other, more interesting stuff keeps popping up and whilst Im keen to get it done Im just not into it as much as I think I ought to be.  May need to take a break from this one.


Anyway, cockpit interior is mostly done and looks good.  The photo's don't really do it justice, probably because Im yet to weather it too.  The Etch is really nice, goes together really convincingly and although there are a few items that seem too small to handle the handling later in the build it all looks good so far.  Yet to fit the joystick, this will go in when I put the seat in I guess.  So a couple of pictures anyway.





One dissapointing thing can be seen in the next few pictures.  Whilst I was warned that the fuselage is overly complicated (it is) I didnt expect the fit issues around the nose intake.  Also the bottom filler panel over the landing gear is deformed.  There is a whole section missing and miscast that I think is going to need one hell of a lot of filler to make it anything at all acceptable.  Maybe its because this was a pre-release this is the problem.  I really hope its a one off.  Add to that the gaps in the intake ring on the nose (usually an issue with some kits Ive seen) and the fact that the nose cone was warped and cracked and you could say Im not having a great time on the forward fuselage of this kit.  The pics show the full story.  










The nose section of this alone is going to take some serious filler, love, care and attention not to mention a hell of a lot of sanding and rescribing to look any good.  
Wish me luck, and if you have some spare enthusiasm I could to with that too ;)


Thanks for now.


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Jase - so glad you've picked this"Dog" up right now 'cos I'm in the same boat in that what little modelling mojo I have has been seriously depleted by the same problems you are currently encountering! The nose area is seriously over engineered but, thinking ahead, KH has an eye on the K/L release which can't be too far in the future. My nose ring is sound but I still have the fit problems and the need to re-instate panel lines and rivets. What keeps me going is knowing that one of these took 2nd. place at the US IPMS Nats just recently so clearly, with a bit of effort and perseverance, a good representation can be had.    

I really wanted this kit and have gone so far as to buy the Zotz sheet, which looks really really good, to build more than one! Right now mine is languishing on the 'shelf of doom' whilst I regroup and have another run at it. Hey ho!!

All the best and 'feel the positive waves' I'm sending you!!



Steve S.

P.S. - my offer with the decal sheet still stands. 

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Thanks.  I really need the encouragement.
For the decals I really like the Texas ANG one with the red in it so thanks for the offer but I think I'll stick to that.

Now to fix that bloody nose and the malformed underside piece.  Hope you got one after this was fixed?

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Hi Jase - if you change your mind ref scheme, let me know.

Yes I must have been lucky 'cos mine is complete if a little 'rough around the edges'. My difficulty has been with the 'umpty' parts that are required to bring the front of the aircraft together in some semblance of neatness, but I'm getting there - slowly!

I love the aircraft and despite this kit fighting me all the way I aim to have it ready for Telford complete in NMF and 526th FIS markings. God loves an optimist!!

Keep at it, it does go together I promise.


Steve S. 

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