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Luftwaffe Library Essentials


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Classics Publications ...


I have the Ju87 & 88 stuff ... the Fw190 volumes and the Bf110, 210&410 stuff ...


Missed out on the Hs129, and Me262 series though :( ...


Apparently the He111 book isn't so good?


Rog :)

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Agree on the excellent Jagdwaffe series. I only have a few editions in my limited library due to the books getting somewhat hard to find, but luckily a local 'experten has a few up his sleeve...(Ralph, I think you know who I'm talking about.. ;))


I have all the newer Mombeeck series so far - beautiful publications. Well researched, great profiles & clear B & W period pics too.




Well worth buying in my opinion. If only for a casual read, not to mention the excellent content.




Dan M

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