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P-47D, Rozzie Geth II/Miss Fire, Col. Fred J. Christensen, Jr.

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Here is another stalled project that I am resurrecting... Originally I was planning to do this as an article for MIM, but it didn't quite make it!


So I have dragged it into work for my lunch time project...


I will be using the Trumpeter kit and it will be finished as P-47D #42-226628, Rozzie Geth II/Miss Fire, Col. Fred J. Christensen, Jr., 62nd FS, 56th FG.






The kit comes with these markings included but the art is incorrect as Trumpeter has the background white instead of yellow... So I will either applying an yellow coat to the kit decal, or just buy the new book from Kagero P-47 Thunderbolts of the USAAF which has this scheme included in the decal sheet.




So I will do a quick fire up of pic's and add comments to them shortly!


A lot detail is hidden away once the fuse halfs are sandwiched together... You can leave it out... but I just used the bare bones to help everything line up...




Nice clear cowl so you can display that huge Pratt & Whitney R-2800... but I will be painting it!



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Tail Fillet comes as a separate piece, so different variants can be done ... The instructions would have you to glue the two half's together and then place it on the fuse...




But my tail parts were warped, so I glued them in place on each fuse half with some Tamiya extra thin... hopefully this will push them back into shape.




Interior Parts are sprayed with Mr Color 351 Zinc Chromate Type 1




Seat was weathered using Silver dry brushed and a Eduard harness was fitted...




Fine Copper wire was added to the rear of the instrument panel as this area is visable once every thing has been closed up...



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Guest styrenedemon

Wow....absolutely beautiful. Those belts ARE amazing. I've never been able to get PE to look as convincing as that. 


Love the scheme too.




nice scheme and good looking pit.  will be watching this.  I have 2 Trumpy Jugs and watching you and Matt work your magic on these leaves me a little encouraged.


I'm glad you're encouraged. LOL...I'm encouraged to pray Matt is right and that Tamiya does one following the Corsair. 

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Thanks Harv...


This kit is being a pain in the ass, as Matt knows from his experience! I seem to be spending more time sanding and refilling etc... so I am going to stick it a side again and revisit it in a few weeks...

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NIce job Dave.

Sems the fit is not perfect on this Trumpy kit..... :wacko:

I have a Hase Jug that i have to start one of these days.

Hope it goes together better than the Trumpy.

Congrats anyway.



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