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North American B-25J-1 Mitchell 43-27698 13 Peggy Lou 445BS 321BG (hopefully)

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For some reason I've always had a soft spot for the cover arts of the Squadron Signal in Action books - I've build several of them over the years. At the same time one of my favorite aircrafts is the the B-25 so when HK released this one it was a must-have. Those two things put together makes this my project:


North American B-25J-1 Mitchell 43-27698 13 Peggy Lou 445BS 321BG

This aircraft completed 137 missions in the MTO before returning to the US.


I really like the NMF with field-applied OD combination of the Corsican B-25's




However that cover is not accurate since the nose art is on the other side. I really like to build from a picture, and this is the best overall picture of the aircraft




Close-up of the nose with nose art




And the other side showing the 'Peggy Lou' legend rather than the pin-up from the SQS cover




Finally a rather nice FS skin, but note that the pin-up's umbrella is not blue, but only frame on the real deal.





So... regarding the 'hopefully' in the title, it all revolves around my ability to create the nose art since no-one makes decals for this one. We'll see or else I'll take another corsican B-25


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No decals, hence the 'hopefully' in the title. I'll try to do the artwork myself and print it on decal film. I've got a stencil cutter that I'll try to do the mission markers on and the rest of the markings is not that difficult. Lets see how that turns out :-)

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I'd really like to include a pilot or another crew member in or around the plane, but finding WWII USAAF bomber aircrew figures is kinda hard. So I was thinking - how big is the difference in outfit from bomber guys to fighter pilots. I know some bomber guys used the chest parachute, but was that all crew members ? I'm thinking the pilots in a B-25 could have used seat parachutes like fighter pilots... I really dont know, but perhaps you guys do ?


This is an example of what can be found



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Hi guys


Sorry about being so inactive here.


My mom passed away early february and since it was so shortly after my dad, it really rocked the boat. I've only just recently started to feel normal again.


So the bottom line is - not much more done than what you see above, so I'm a no-finisher.


Lots of super work here - respect for that guys



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I am just seeing this, and he reference to the B-25 shown on the Squadron Signal book on the B-25. That is my father's plane from WW2 and I have pictures if her from the day she arrived on the squadron till the day she crashed in the ' at Wright Patterson AFB. if you use that cover as your guide you will not be doing a true model of the plane as there are numerous errors in that depiction, as well as any other artwork I've ever seen of her. Contact me at drover698 at gmail dot com if interested. Terry

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