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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

B-25 Strafer - specific ship TBD

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So here's my starting point...




yes, I *just* opened the box... ;)


I'm still thinking about which ship to build - lots of options, with some interesting stories to tell.


Before I start, though, I have to clear *this* from the bench...




I should have this out of the way by the end of March - famous last words!


This will be fun

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I found a decal set for this, based on aircraft from the 345th BG. I'll use those as a base, for squadron markings and such, but will find a different ship to model. I ordered a copy of the 345th BG history from Amazon, and I'm digging into their historical association's website for further inspiration.


I read about some of the missions they flew a long time ago - there were some impressive young men who did some amazing things in a campaign that doesn't get nearly the attention that it deserves.

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Ya just never know - that could be a truly fun Group Build... :)


I just received a copy of "Warpath Across the Pacific" by Lawrence Hickey. It's an illustrated history of the 345th BG and their actions in the SW Pacific. There's a wealth of material here, and I'll use this to refine my search for the specific ship I want to build.


i have decals for several ships in the Group, but I'll likely mix and match them a bit to build a less well-known story.


It will still be a couple months before I can start the build, as I have to finish the picket boat first, but I'm investing research time now.

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I found my ship, finally.  I've been looking for a documented B-25J-22 with both the gun nose and side-pack guns installed.  Most of the J-22s had the side-pack guns removed by April of 1945, and the photos I've found to-date reflect this.


Fortunately, someone caught a pic of one before the modification happened...  :)


"Fatso" 44-29588 - had the side-pack guns removed between April and May of 1945, but I found a photo of the ship from March of 1945 with the guns still installed (and with blast marks and mission markers on the fuselage proving that they'd been well-used).  There's a nice decal set from EagleCals for this ship as she existed later (with the "Fatso" nose art).  I'm going to use those decals with a few mods to match the March '45 photo.  Sadly, she won't have the nose art - but I'll still have a good "point in time" snapshot for this aircraft.




In doing my research for this, I found another B-25 that I'd like to tackle in the future - B-25D-1 Strafer "Tondelayo".  This ship and crew fought a running 75-minute battle against 50-odd Japanese fighters after a raid on Rabaul on 10/18/43.  While flying a few feet above the water with one dead engine, her crew was credited with downing 5 Japanese fighters directly with 4 *more* credited for fighters seen to crash into the water after misjudging attack runs on the damaged ship.


I don't have the wherewithal to buy and carve up another B-25 kit at the moment, but this is a truly worthy future subject.

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Good choice! Yeah, I'm also not having the "guts" to "destroy" the J-model.


The D-model, in terms of historical interesting "ships", would offer so many more facinating options!

The B-25D's fought so many heroic battles long before the J-model turned up!

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Well, I still haven't done more than open the box on this, as I've been focused entirely on the picket boat build.  Even so, I commit to having at least a sprue cut and something with paint on it before this GB closes!  :D


2016 was just a mess timewise, so I'm writing the year off as a lesson in patience and looking forward to a more productive and fun 2017...


Meanwhile, I found a source for the parafrag cluster bombs I need over at Resin2Detail.com.  I ordered enough for a full load, so one of these might be the thing that gets painted...! 

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