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Kagero Monographs 62 - Ta152


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Monographs edition #63 (3063)

Focke-Wulf Ta 152


Publisher: Kagero

Written by: Marek J. Murawski


Available here from Kagero for € 20,07






With the Ta 152 being offered in all three major scales (72, 48 and 32) I guess it’s only fitting that Kagero dedicates one of their excellent Monographs edition titles to this plane. A Top Drawings edition from Kagero was already available, but as you may know the Top Drawings range ‘only’ contains a set of drawings of the different variations and usually a sheet of decals in 1/72 and 1/48 scales.


Click here to view the Top Drawings book in the Kagero webshop.


I think the fascination for the Ta152 is that in a way it was one of the luft’46 planes, that actually saw service and was one of those ‘too-little-too-late’ subjects. A pure thoroughbred and climax of the FW190 range. An answer to the high altitude B17 onslaught. Add to that the long nose, housing the best piston engine the Germans had (Jumo213) and the unusual long wings for high altitude operation and the fact that it had a pressurized cockpit and you’ve got one elegant bird that beckons to be modelled.


The Ta152 has been done in 32nd scale by two companies: PCM (Pacific Coast Models) and Zoukei Mura as one of their SWS (Super Wing Series). Where PCM did a limited run version of the Ta152 C-1 (medium altitude ground attack fighter) that can be a bit challenging to build and has minor shape issues, Zoukei Mura has covered both the Ta152 H-0 and Ta-152 H-1 (both high altitude interceptors). As you can see, the modeller has some choices when it comes to modelling the Ta152 in large scale. Quite a lot has been written on the subject as well, but often as part of an extension to the Fw190D-9 family. When modelling the Ta152 lots of small details come into play that can make or break a good model.


The fun really begins with one of their Monographs 3D editions, and I’m sure one won’t be too far of in the near future. Until that time, lets take a look at this title. When I start to even think about modelling a certain subject, I start collecting books and photo’s. The books that offer most useful data, are always the books that deal with one specific subject. Different variations are set apart and details shown that usually get passed by in more general books. Kagero always delivers and maintain a certain order in covering a subject: History and development (brief), service history followed by drawings and details. All you need to help you out in determining a scheme and help you correct errors in the model or add detail that has been overseen.


As always I’ll take you through this book chapter by chapter to give you an impression of it’s contents:


Introduction and development

The first chapter explains how the need was born for the Luftwaffe to develop a high altitude fighter. It shows experiments with a Fw190A models that were altered and made lighter in order to reach the heights the US airforce flew. All sorts of problems arose… The BMW801 engine not getting enough air, not being able to maintain at the height needed (15 minutes!) and the single layered canopy fogging up, causing the pilot to almost fly blind. When Kurt Tank and his team tried a whole new approach, discarding tests based on the Fw190A with radial engine, they resorted to redesigning the whole airframe. With this radical change, a whole new name was appropriate. Paying homage to the successful designs by Kurt Tank, the new airframe was dubbed Ta152 (Ta standing for Tank).













Ta152 in combat and post war fate

Of about 220 Ta152’s ordered about 40 actually reached operational status. This chapter is filled with witness accounts of aerial engagements and photo’s that inspire the weathering enthusiasts. After the war the best Luftwaffe trophies were jets. Still one example of a Ta152 was captured and transported to the USA. It now resides in Ohio awaiting restoration…






Technical Specifications

For the modeller this chapter should be of interest. Detailed descriptions on RLM colours, camouflage schemes and a listing of Werknummers and fuselage codes of all operational Ta152’s.



The book comes in to practical use with sheets of drawings in 1/72 and 1/48 scale drawings, showing top, side, front, rear and bulkhead drawings down to rivet detail. As a bonus 1/32 foldable huge drawings are also included. All scales cover both Ta152 C-1 and Ta152 H series. The 3D drawings in 32nd scale are perfect to take measurements from to transfer them to your model. Excellent…


The 1/72 scale drawings:




1/48 scale drawings:








Huge 1/32 scale drawings:






This is all followed by 3D renderings of the MG151/20 and MK108 cannons and Revi Gunsight. I realize that these 3D models were already made for earlier 3D Monographs books, but are relevant for this title too.




The final pages show 8 superb colour profiles, including a British captured Ta152 H-1 displayed at Farnborough. 







Another superb title from Kagero’s Monographs range, made with the modellers interest in mind. Detailed drawings, background information, technical specifications and superb colour profiles. The prize is just 20 euro’s, so no excuse to indulge into the subject.


Our sincere thanks to Kagero for the review sample.


Click here to buy directly.


Jeroen Peters

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I have several different titles of Kagero Books and I always find their profile art to be quite inspirational ! I do have to say that from the pics above their interpretation of RLM 82 looks more towards RLM 71 though. Also, If I'm not mistaken, it seems as though they've taken their top view profile from their earlier' Top Color' book series. Perhaps something new would have been nicer in this case. Never the less, with those minor nitpicks aside it does look to be a very nice title indeed and I'm  looking forward to getting a copy of one.  


Thankyou Jeroen for the review and to Kagero for tackling this subject.




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