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Kagero Topdrawings 30 - Dornier Do17Z/Do215


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Topdrawings #30 (7030)

Dornier Do 17z/Do 215


Publisher: Kagero

Written by: Mariusz Łukasik


Available here from Kagero for € 18,24




This book will make you long for an inevitable Do-17 release in 32nd scale. Trust me. Let’s hope Revell gives it the same treatment as their excellent Ju-88 and He-111 range. Size won’t be an obstacle, since the wingspan is quite equal to the Ju-88. Sales won’t be an issue, since this is a plane that saw a LOT of variations and was used in the Battle of Britain. In other scales Hobbycraft (hmmmm), Classic Airframes and recently ICM (Yes! The Do-17Z10 and Z2) released their version in 48th scale.  And when you want to save on display space you could tackle the Flying Pencil in 72nd scale, as offered by Airfix (Do17z, Do17E/F), Revell (Do17Z), ICM (Do17B-4, Do17Z10), RS Models (Do17P, Do17K), Matchbox (Do17Z2), etc.. etc…


Perhaps the reason the Do17 or Do215 hasn’t been done in ‘our’ scale yet is the fact that there are no survivors remaining today. Only some large pieces or relics in museums or private collections. Or is there?.... In 2010 the RAF Museum announced that they had discovered the largely intact remains of a Do17Z (Werknummer 1160) off the coast of England. Today the wreckage has been carefully lifted of the seabed and is undergoing preservation and restoration in the RAF Museum in Cosford.



The remains undergoing preservation treatment in 2013:






The book

These Topdrawings titles are really written and published with the modeller in mind. If features drawings of all the different versions of the Do17 and Do215 in 72nd scale which not only show panel lines, but also rivets. I myself mainly use these drawings for my riveting. Apart from this also showed are cross sections of the fuselage and wings. This should appeal the 3D modellers!







Throughout the book we stumble on 7 colour profiles of a Do17Z-7, Do17Z-2, Do-17Z-1 (with top, bottom, left and right profiles in Desert Scheme), Do-215B-5, Do-215B-4, Do215B-1 and Do-17Z-2.









The drawings inside the book are all in 72nd scale. Each version of the plane has a small text explaining the structural differences. If you are interested in the history of the plane or it’s operational use, this is not the book for you. If you want to check whether your model is accurate in shape or if you want to detail it up and/or rivet it… this is a must have.





The book is as always accompanied by three large sheets with drawings. Printed front and back. It features drawings of the Do-17 from the top, bottom, front and side profiles in all three scales (32, 48 and 72). If we look at the 32nd scale drawings, the first thing you’ll notice is the massive size of the plane. To check whether I was going grazy, I grabbed the wing sprue of a 32nd scale Ju-88 kit and placed it on top. See for yourself: the size is quite similar. I think the visual impact is caused by the long chord of the wings. Quite like the huge wings on the He-111. And like I said in the introduction: these drawings will make you hungry for a 32nd scale version of this plane.  








A Ju-88 wing on top of the drawings:




If the drawings don’t do it for you, perhaps the recent 1/48 completion of the ICM kit by Italian builder Paolo Portuesi will!





One of those ‘need to have’ titles when tackling the Do17 / Do215 subject! The prize of 18 euro’s sure won’t be a show stopper. It won’t take up a lot of space in your book case. Let’s all buy it and pray for Revell to step up their game. I remember reviewing the Ta154 book by Kagero and guess what? I now have a 32nd scale Ta154 in my stash!


Highly recommended


My sincere thanks to Kagero Publishing for this review sample. To purchase directly, click THIS link.


Jeroen Peters

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The Do 17 is one of my last remaining Holy Grail subjects. I'd die a happy man if I got the chance to build that in 1:32.


Very nice review of what looks to be a superb title. Love the 1:32 drawings too!

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Nice review Jeroen ... does nothing to abate my cravings for the BoB 'missing link' ...


The Do 17 is one of my last remaining Holy Grail subjects. I'd die a happy man if I got the chance to build that in 1:32 ...


It is at the very top of my wish list ... so I agree with you James.


Not at all sure Revell will end up doing one now, though. If you remember, the Ju88 and the He111 were the last of the projects completed (or at least too far gone to be stopped!!) under the old leadership/company owners at Revell.

Everything else released since has been ... well ... frankly, no where near the same standard (He.219, Mk.II Spit etc) ... Don't get me wrong - for the price point on offer, they've been decent - but more to the standard Trumpeter are famous for (enough said, I think) ... The most recent release of the Fw.190F-8 seems to harken back to those earlier days.

Even so ... I still can't see Revell going anywhere near a Do.17z ... I'd say we'd have a better chance of Fly, HpH or even HK pulling one out of the bag before Revell ... Extremely disappointing ... and I've pretty much given up hope of ever seeing one.


Rog :)

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