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Wingnut Wings S.E.5a - Wolseley Viper conversion

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Hello Gent's So I'm continuing the S.E.5a build here, were it belongs.


Today I managed to get a little work done on the wolseley cowling/nose parts.

Trying to get the details right...








The parts for the Wolseley nose...




A new engine cover made from aluminium...




The S.E.5a rebuild in New Zealand by 'The Vintage Aviator'

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Anyone has an idea how to make the front grill???? I really would like to be able to see through. (I've got the Part (Poland) PE set but I cannot see how I am supposed to assemble it without it looking like crap!!!



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Looks like a job for some old p/e fret...

Are you aware of how they work?

You can see the actuation works at the near side of your pic, the bar that moves in the vertical plane and allows  the flap pins to rotate the flaps into open and closed positions. Like a louvered window, maybe find a window like that and observe its operation.

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Ah, good to know, as I would like to do a Viper-powered SE.5a SOMEDAY too... - don't know yet, whether to simply get Roden's offering, or start with WnW's SE.5a and convert it with Mastercaster's parts and Roden's Viper-powerplant-kit?! (Or even wait for a Viper-powered version by WnW?)

And: Did I get you right in that Part's pe-set is of no good use?

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No, don't misunderstand me, the PE set from Part is absolutely very nice, I just don't know how to assemble the microscopic louvers and get a nice result...




I would not be happy if I was to end up with something like this (No offence!)




Unfortunately Eduard doesn't do the Wolseley Viper, their PE Louvers are very nicely manufactured...




You just turn the louvers, and voila!

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