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1:32 Scale Dambuster Upkeep mine CNC machining

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Just thought I would show the progress of my forthcoming RAF bomb trolley kit prototype parts machining as it is now coming together, luckily when I visited East Keal they had an unrestored example of the very trolley I am producing which I guess they are going to restore and mount the Upkeep mine they have in the museum.

1-32%20Upkeep%20mine%20cnc%20machining_zThis is the side of the mine being 3D machined with a flat end 1mm diameter milling cutter with a 0.1mm overlap which results in a very smooth finish which is paint ready.

1-32%20Scale%20RAF%20bomb%20trolley%201_The major components next to a pound coin!

1-32%20Scale%20RAF%20bomb%20trolley%203_The relatively complex rear axle housing, I was scratching my head trying to understand this measuring the real thing.

1-32%20Scale%20RAF%20bomb%20trolley%202_The wheels, I went to town on the internal hub details both front and back.


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