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BF 109 Q&A

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I have a 109 question...and since more questions will pop up in my head sooner or later, I'll start a "general Bf 109 Q&A" topic.

Others might have questions about this (very popular in model lala land) plane also, so we can use this topic to help eachother out.


My first question....


spinner markings?



On this restored 109 G theres a manufacturer plate and a red alignment bar on the spinner.

I tried to find contemporary photo's with them on it, but so far...no luck. :unsure:


Are these historical, or is it "artistic freedom" from the restoration team?





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As far as the data plates, seems to be hit and miss.  My guess would be that they would be present when the plane left the factory but were usually painted over in the field.  I've never seen that red alignment mark though.

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I wouldn't take restored aircraft with a pinch of salt but a bucketful instead. During service nobody was interested if an aircraft looked pretty or

was fully finished according to specifications.


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