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Hasegawa 1/32 P-47 Thunderbolt II SEAC

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Hi guys, 


It has been a while sins I posted something here. It was mainly because I was bussy in different scales.


This is a 1/32 Hasegawa P-47 D build into a SEAC Thunderbolt II. I used some etch seatbelts and a set of Master gun barrels.

It was from 258 squadron in South East Asia and flown by Sqn Ldr Neil Cameron.
















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Thanks guys.




I did some work the last period in 1/72 and 1/48 scale. These are easier to store.

I still need some new glass cabinets for the larger planes I have in my collection.

At the moment if they are to big they sit outside the glass cabinets I have and then they catch dust. Witch I find a pitty.





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Nice build,


They also make the P47 in 1/24 scale, but when i see the beast in 1/32 scale it is still a huge aircraft, i like the appearance of the p47, it's like a "tank" in the skies with massive fire power, i am definitely tempted to buy one. Like the colourscheme, you don't see them in these colours very often,





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V nice indeed!

Outstanding overall paint finish and just enough weathering to keep it real without being overdone.

I absolutely want a jug in my collection ... waiting to see whether Tamiya brings one out next year (?)

I finally broke down & had a carpenter put a wall of glass-fronted cabinets into my home office for the growing squadron of 1/32 birds. Very happy with the result & get a lot of pleasure every time I walk in and flip on the lights.

Thanks for sharing!

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