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Hinomaru color


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Weel Rick, in another modelling life, (before WnW) I has some interessed in IJN! :)



I folow closely the J-aircraft.com forum, that I think that is iwthout updates since 2009... There you will find seen info about it! - http://www.j-aircraft.com/faq/hinomaru_red.htm


The hinomuru colour could be a FS31328 ,or the XF-7 or Gunze C385, Red (Japanese Navy Markings)... i think that any of those are correct! The Pacific weather do the rest! ;) 



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Tamiya XF-7 or X-7 Red toned down with a little XF-10 Red Brown works well, you can also add a touch of XF-3 Yellow to get more of a deep orange hue.  Recommend staying away from any tints to the white or buff tones as it tends to give the red a pink hue to it.  If it looks right to your eye after applied, than it's right.



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I would tread carefully here Rick...color is highly subjective, even with actual mix ratios ( Which themselves could proove troublesome as both Nakajima and Misibushi both amended their color ratios as the war waged on through 1943/44 into 45). Once applied color becomes subject to atmospheric

and diurnal variations, especially down here in the Pacific regions. Add to that ground and aircrew scampering all over the airframe,

the corrosive effect of coral dust and salt water spray and cruel levels of humidity...I would apply whatever you are happy with Sir and let anybody try and negate what you have applied...

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