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Bf 110G-4, Stab/NJG 1, "G9+AA" (1/32 Revell)


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OK I'm going to see what I can do with the venerable Revell 110G-4.  My dad purchased this one in the early 70's when it was first released and I received it as a hand me down, so I'd like to finish it just for nostalgia's sake.  I decided on this scheme because I was looking for an aircraft with spinner spirals and I liked just the one lower wing surface painted black.  Unfortunately no other cool insignia or shark mouths but it should look pretty cool when finished (I hope).


So for the resin requirement:


  • Jerry Rutman Bf 110 upgrade set (fairly large set containing new cockpit, wheel bays and corrected vertical stabilizers and a few other parts.
  • Airwaves Messerschmitt Bf-110E/Bf-110F/Bf-110G smooth surface wheels.
  • Eagle Parts Spinners

I'll probably upgrade the rear MGs to brass pieces and tack on anything else that's interesting.

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Geeeez!!! Brave man.

Looking forward to see some of that Rutman resin. Never seen that particular set.


Brave Man is right.  I am currently working on the Revell Bf-110C-4.  Good old nostalgia build.  Built one back

in the late '70s but it got destroyed when I moved from NM to Texas. Good luck Mikester.




Jerry   :piliot:

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On 2/23/2017 at 4:28 PM, fab said:

Hello Mikester!



Any news?


I presume you read the thread on an other forum about a vacuum canopy from Tasman product (falcon) for the g4...





Unfortunately too busy to start this one yet (work).  Still have a Bf 109G-6 on the bench that needs to get finished first and the man cave is getting a re-model as well.

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I've decided that I'm going to do Hans-Joachim Jabs machine from Stab/NJG 1 instead.  I have the Montex mask set for this aircraft already and I've collected all the parts I need so hopefully I'll kick this off soon.


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  • Mikester changed the title to Bf 110G-4, Stab/NJG 1, "G9+AA" (1/32 Revell)

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