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Tamiya F-15C IDFAF Commando

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Okay, here is my first big Tamiya kit, the F-15C built as IDFAF aircraft 840 'Commando' as at the start of Operation Mole Cricket in June 1982. The airframe is often shown with 6.5 kill markings but that's wrong as it only ever claimed 3.5. This depiction is it would have been before it's first victory over a Syrian Mig-23 which I built last time. 


AM consisted of GT Resin seamless intakes, exhaust set and wheel set, all of which were very easy to use and install. Python 3s and their pylons were from Isracast and the decals were the Cutting Edge set which were nice and thin and settled down lovely. The main grey paints were Mr Hobby acrylics and everything else was Tamiya acrylics. Again used the Ammo panel line washes which are very easy to use and give a nice end result to my eyes.

Big thanks to Dennis.E who provided a spare AIM-7 Sparrow after one fell victim to a 'friendly' chew from one of our dogs!!








And here she is alongside the Trumpeter Mig-23MF built as her first kill over the Bekaa Valley when flown by Benny Zinker.


Overall, I'm pretty happy with the outcome but a bit of a disaster with an attempt at salt fading took some of the joy out of it - it was a long chore to fix the damage but lessons learned for the future. I feel as though my skills are improving with each build but I think I have to speed up a bit - this has taken almost 11 months.

The build review can be found here http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/4635-idf-f15c-commando/

As always all comments welcome. Gus


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Outstanding Gus!

I feel honored to have helped out in a small way - sorry the salt fading didn't pan out for the best though. 

You really have done that particular Tamiya kit the justice it deserves Gus, which begs the question...what's next?



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Guest DannyVM

Gus, the first one, and already a stunning model you got their. Nice work mate, really nice work.



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Thanks. Currently it and the Mig are sitting on the dressing table in our spare bedroom but I suspect that won't be permanent! I'd like a display case but most options seem to be too small for big jets.

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