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Special Hobby's Fiat G.50 1/32 scale

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Hello All,

Here's my latest Regia Aeronautica project submitted for your approval. As always any and all comments are welcomed and very much appreciated.Hope you enjoy and Thank you for looking.

Highest Regards,

Gregory Jouette

40527337765_62dc6123f1_c.jpgIMG_2021 by GREGORY JOUETTE, on Flickr


41380133302_bb20c73a0e_c.jpgIMG_2022 by GREGORY JOUETTE, on Flickr


40527335335_ab285e1ef1_c.jpgIMG_2023 by GREGORY JOUETTE, on Flickr


41422315771_1e6c88b94a_c.jpgIMG_2024 by GREGORY JOUETTE, on Flickr


41422314391_eecd1d98d3_c.jpgIMG_2025 by GREGORY JOUETTE, on Flickr


41422313151_8246ccee16_c.jpgIMG_2026 by GREGORY JOUETTE, on Flickr


 That's All Folks.....



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Hi Gregory,

that's a nice looking Fiat you built there. The paintjob was a daunting one I guess, but the result justifies the effort. How did you manage to get all that dots evenly distributed?

Cheers Rob

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Thank you for your kind comments my friend,very much appreciated too. In all honesty the camouflage to my eyes is incorrect. It was intended to be mottling somewhat larger rather than the small I depicted. That being said my good friends over at Stormo thought I had done her camouflage scheme closer to the actual scheme that depicted in the kits instructions. So I'm pleased with it in the end.

It wasn't daunting at all,just very time consuming. All together I took eight hours to paint the mottling with one cigar break along the way. Far longer than I took to apply the basic desert yellow to the upper surfaces and the gray below. Not to mention the time taken applying yellow filters to tone it down. As for your question concerning the distribution of the colors,it beats me. They were an attempt to randomly apply the mottling that ended up more organized than planned.

Highest Regards,

Gregory Jouette

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