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PREVIEW:Dornier Do 335B-6 Nightfighter

James H

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Dornier Do335B-6 Night fighter
Hong Kong Models
Written by Steven Budd




Hong Kong Models' (HKM) ongoing love affair with 1/32 continues unabated with the B-6 night fighter variant of their sumptuous Dornier 335 kit. The 335A version first appeared in 2014, later followed by the heavily armed B-2 Zerstorer and the runners from this release provide the guts of the forthcoming B-6. James Hatch has extensively reviewed and built these and I believe is on the cusp of nailing his third, the A-12 ‘Anteater’ together! 



New sprues naturally compliment the B-2 parts, which include full radar arrays, exhaust flame dampers, underwing drop tanks, a revised spine and clear part over the radar operator’s position, as well as the necessary additional cockpit and associated appointments. Engineering and fit of the 335 has been widely praised, here and elsewhere, for outright precision and (as Jim has already twice demonstrated) will undoubtedly remain the case with the B-6. Surface detail is sublime, crisp and perfectly weighted.




Of the many things that have impressed me, the lack of sink marks is perhaps most prominent (if that’s not a contradiction in terms) and a devotion to quality is apparent with every sprue plucked from the large box. Speaking of the box, if like me, you’re a sucker for punchy, attention grabbing art work, then HKM’s night fighter will certainly have your peepers by the scruff, with its depiction of this nocturnal killer dramatically banking to port, above the cloud base; a ‘hunter’s moon’ hanging in the background. 




On a different note, the logical assembly sequence puts me in mind of Accurate Miniatures, who based theirs on test builds of around 100 pre-production samples before finally settling on what they felt was the preferred completion route. Neil Yan’s development strategy clearly involves open consultation with Jim and others and no doubt underpins that over-arching sense of real modelling minds having shaped that all important assembly aspect.



If it’s options you like, then HKM has you covered, with two complete engines and removable panels to reveal them. Further posable panels and doors sit over the nose gun breeches and bomb bay, should you wish to have it all ‘hanging out’.       



Cartograf decals will be provided for three aircraft, two marked as ‘What-if’ options: one in RLM76 with patches of RLM75, the second in RLM81, 82, with RLM76 Wellenmuster, with the last in overall khaki (Dornier Do 335 M17, W.Nr. 230017, CEV, Brétigny-sur-Orge, France, 1947). Two white metal weights and etched parts, including seat belts, round out the presentation.



This HKM incarnation of the fastest piston engined aircraft of World War II will, like its stablemates before it, be imposing in size, highly accurate and a pleasure to complete. My personal thanks to Jim here, for liaising with Neil to make the pre-production sample available to me - I much look forward to completing it for Airfix Model World in due course. Happy days.




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A good review, but less weighty than you might have given us Jim. Can't see, but presuming we'll get the cannon-less wing leading edge parts, and couldn't find the radar arrays highlighted either. But still, it is a test shot so more will be forthcoming I'm sure. Interesting to see the box-top illustration seems to feature an A-series front windscreen.. but at least HKM have included the correct one in the kit. 

The mention of HKM's "ongoing love affair with 1/32" is also pertinent... the other Company with the big Dornier in their lineup have gone quiet of late, seemingly concentrating on 1/48 Phantoms these days. 


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Jim, thank you for the Red Arrows display ;)

Perhaps what I should have written, was "couldn't find that the radar arrays or rear cockpit parts were specifically highlighted; given that these are the main differences from the standard B-series, and the reason for releasing this variant." Steve aluded to your reviews of the earlier HKM variants for those interested to search for, and we can see that both the actual and theoretical rear canopies are provided, but i was just hoping for a closer look at these items and the stovepipes that perhaps look a little clunky from a distance.

Not a criticism, but it goes to the opening line in my first post.



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19 hours ago, nmayhew said:

i have always sworn to never do a what if, whether it be Panzerwaffe 46 or Luftwaffe 46

but this may make me break that oath!

I'm kind of the same way, Nick.  The 335 was at least produced in small numbers and actually flew so I'll fudge a little to do this one!

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