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My recently completed Roden 1/32 O-1 Birddog. 

A lot has been written about this kit, most of it negative. Rightfully so in most cases. 

Its a basic shell of a kit with plenty of pitfalls but rewarding at the end. Had to scratch build the cockpit detail as there is none and rework and strengthen many other parts of the plane. Both wheel struts snapped as did the tail dragger. Shes a bit rough in places, the clear parts are terrible (arrived scrapping around with the other sprues and all beaten up). No matter of polishing could bring them back.

But happy with the final result. Will upload better images later.





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Some completed more styled shots of the Roden 1/32 Birddog. Hard to see the interior so have included a during build shot. Seatbelts are metal foil, some spare PE buckles. Display dials are airscale, all radio control boxes etc on sides of fuselage are scratch built.









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