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HPH Epoxy


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Does  anyone have experience using the epoxy HPH sells and recommends for resin kits? 

I mainly use CCA and every once in a while two part epoxy I buy at the local hardware store which is on the thick side and messy to use. I’ve watched the videos on the HPH web site and their epoxy seems easier to use.

Thank You



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Peter, HPH has their own brand of epoxy, and it’s great stuff. But it’s almost impossible to get into the Country. HPH doesn’t seem to anxious to send it....

Thankfully I have a few friends in the Czech and Slovak Republics who sent me some. Any 30 minute or 24 hour epoxy will work,  but the HPH brand stuff is a bit thinner without being runny. It levels itself beautifully...

Even five minute epoxy will work, but it doesn’t give you much time...

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Guest DannyVM

For decades i'm using this stuff.....


Great to work with, gives a very strong bound and you can get it in different sort's of drying time.


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Guest DannyVM

ZAP or Devcon have always been good for me, you can also warm the mix to make it flow a little better.......

Nice to know Phil, thank's for the tip mate:thumbsup2:

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