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Kagero Rogozarski IK-3 Monographs 3D edition


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Monographs Special Edition in 3D (96011)

Rogozarski IK-3

 Publisher: Kagero
Written by: 
Nenad Miklušev, Djordje Nikolić 

Available here from Kagero for € 31,95


What we have here is a hardcover book covering the history, design and engineering of the Yugoslavian Ik-3 fighter. To be real honest before reading this book, the only thing I knew about this plane was it’s name and that it somewhat resembled a Hurricane. That’s it. This book is dedicated to the 80 years anniversary of this obscure but not forgotten fighter. Bear with me. 

When reading on the first page of this book it becomes apparent that the Ik-3 was born out of the necessity to update the hopeless outdated Yugoslavian Airforce in the 1930’s. The result was a state of the art fighter that was easier to handle than the Hurricane or even Bf109. This made me curious for more. 

Scale models of the Ik-3
Before I continue it may be wise to sum up what models are available of this plane. It being a less known fighter hasn’t stopped companies of producing models of this plane. It has been done in almost all scales. Even 1/32! Here they are:


This is a rather crude resin kit that requires a lot of skill and experience in this medium.

Aeropoxy (resin kit)
Classic Resin Airframes (resin kit)

Aeropoxy (resin kit)
AZ Model (plastic kit)
Azur Frrom (plastic kit)
Czech master resin (resin kit)

 (Thnx to Scalemates for the above info!)

To be real honest the above list doesn’t really do justice to this incredible book with such detailed 3D renderings, but I’m sure we’ll see a proper resin kit (or even plastic) in the near future. Especially with Silver Wings branching out past the interbellum era with the new Yak9 kit. 



47 pages span the development of this plane. Starting halfway the 1930’s covering the IK-3’s predecessors (like the IK-1 and IK-2) and followed by the first test flight of the IK-3 Br.1. The IK-3 is supposedly named after the the three designers: Ilic, Sivcev and Zrnic. The truth is much simpler: The 3 stands for the 3rdtype designed by Ilic and Sivcev. The construction of the prototype is described extensively and accompanied by a lot of photo’s. Not soon after the IK-3 was pressed into service and entered the war. The amount of research, photographs and details are impressive. A little less is known on the colours of the plane. There is a chapter devoted to camouflage and markings. Paint codes are reconstructed using a section of a crashed plane and a 1:20 era model with original paint. 



Technical information
This is where the modeller really gets his kicks. Detailed photo’s of different sections of the plane in great detail. This chapter gives you an idea of the materials used and aids in defining how to paint / weather your model.


The above chapters make up about 30% of the book and are followed by a whole set of scale drawings. One big foldable drawing showing profiles and cross sections in 32ndscale of different IK-3 types. Including one powered by a DB601 engine with a nose quite similar to a Bf109.


The book itself contains 48thscale drawings of about 12 types. The same drawings are presented in 72ndscale. 



Page 103 marks the start of amazing computer rendered images. Starting with a rendering of the IK-3 without paint. Showing what parts are aluminium and fabric. The wings were covered in Bakelite combined with birch plywood and the ailerons were covered in fabric, infused with Bakelite. Kagero is known for their excellent 3D models showing every nutt, rivet and bolt. This book is no other. Feast your eyes on these half open rendered images. Over the pages the plane is broken down in smaller section, giving you an idea of engineering and construction. Really impressed with the detail and man, what a shame a proper plastic model isn’t available of this plane in 32ndscale. 

About 80 pages filled with large colour renderings are presented. Including a whole set of colour profiles. 









Another quality title of a plane that screams for a proper model. Kagero really treats both the modeller and aviation enthusiast to all the information he will need. The 3D work and research that went into this book is amazing. I just love the Monographs Special 3D editions. It has to be said that Kagero takes a gamble on investing so much time and effort into a plane that is so little known. I hope this title will sell well and cause Kagero to cover more obscure planes.. like the Fokker DXXI maybe? 


A big thank you to Kagero for supplying this review sample.


Jeroen Peters 





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