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Tamiya Bending Tweezers for Photoetch


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Buenos Dias, friends of the tool heavy workbench,

I have a very special relationship towards photoetched parts in modelling. I love to work with metal, enjoy the enhancement of detail and after applying PE sometimes I whish, it would not be necessary to paint these parts because of the luster shine. On the other hand PE can be a real PITA and has the tendency to unify itself with the carpet monster even more than plastic parts.

Over the years I used lots of tools for working with PE, there were bending tools, rolling tools, pliers and tweezers and all of them were helpful, but there was something missing between the pliers and a fine tweezer and then I bought this little gem.


It is the Tamiya Bending Tweezers (for Photo-Etched Parts) with the Item No: 74117.

I got it six weeks ago and I absolutely love that tool. It has become a nearly universal tool for small PE parts. Because of it's short tweezer tips which are finely grinded with sharp angles you can apply enough force to hold PE-parts in place and bend them around the edges. The smallness of the tips make it easy to bend complicated three-dimensonal forms. Another advantage is, that with mentioned small PE parts, there is a much reduced need for tool changes, because of the versatile design.


I highly recommend this little helper. It improved my enthusiasm with small PE parts a lot, because of the easiness of use and it's versatility. Tools should make live easier and this one is a very fine example.

Cheers Rob

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On ‎12‎/‎24‎/‎2018 at 9:12 PM, GazzaS said:

Or you can take files or grinder or sandpaper to a set you have that you don't like, and custom make your own.

Guys you're killing me and my provision from big T :D, I wonder what you have in mind when I recommend their great magnifying glasses :rofl:.

Cheers Rob

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6 hours ago, DocRob said:

I wonder what you have in mind when I recommend their great magnifying glasses :rofl:.

Cheers Rob

I have five pairs of glasses.  Prescription Trifocals, 2.5X reading glasses.  3X reading glasses (used the most).  3.5X reading glasses. (all three bought from the local Chemist for $20 each.  And a custom pair of 4.82X reading glasses I had made by the Optometrist.

The 4.82X glasses have a working distance of 20cm, so there is no point of getting anything stronger because 5X and above is watchmaker territory, and the working distance is dangerously close.  The 4.82X glasses I got especially for rigging biplanes and other rare circumstances.  They cost $89.


I bought an optivisor and found it cumbersome and not suited to my needs at all.  One problem I often find with hobby-specific magnifiers is that they are made for people whose eyes are closer together than mine.  I'm a big guy and find that stuff made for 'the average guy' just doesn't work for me.



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