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Kitty Hawk F-5E


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I won this kit in the LSM Christmas raffle (thanks again, 1to1scale!) and upon opening the box, it looked so nice I felt compelled to start it.  I'm aware of its shortcomings - particularly in regard to the cockpit.


I hope to make this a quick OOB build. I'm unsure of markings at this point.

I'm quite pleased with the level of detail on this kit. Panel lines are not overly done, and the molding is crisp.


I started with the front office; I cut off the starboard side console and turned it around.


I just love those half ejector pins...


Everything fits like a glove in the fuselage.


I had a little interference in the gun bay. Not the cleanest of cuts, but it shouldn't show.


I'm assuming this bird will need some nose weight. Plenty of space to put it, and pretty far forward, too!



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A coat of paint on the cockpit...



I tried to use the cockpit decals, with no luck. They look really bad.


Off they came; they're in the paint shop right now.

I finished the gun bay instead.


Not much done to the egines thoer than assembly and paint. But those intakes... ugh. Resin ones would be a worthwhile addition.


I cut a piece of 0.010" styrene sheet and cemented it to the lower fuselage half.


When I can, I like to attac the wings prior to assembling the fuselage. This allows me to apply good pressure to the joint as it dries, minimizing gaps at the wing root.


Not perfect, but it's close.

It's tough to see in the photo, but you can't see the gear bay boxes any more.


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